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Cynce's Place Week In Review: Week 1-4

I had planned on doing weekly reviews this year, but our days seem so alike. I feel like I will just be repeating myself.

I guess with the Robinson Curriculum, the days pretty much look the same.

  • Math
  • Writing
  • Reading
  • Science, a more textbook approach which I added this year.

So that I don't neglect my blog any further, I shall record some of what the kids have done the past few weeks.

MaryEllen has been doing well in Saxon Algebra 1/2. I did buy the DVD's from Mr. Reed for future reference or if she gets in a bind. For some reason, the word 'algebra' is intimidating her.

I try to let her know that algebra isn't hard if you understand what you have been taught up until that point. As long as you continue to understand and master your lessons, it shouldn't be hard. So far, she hasn't struggled in any areas. She has been completely self taught since we began Saxon about 3 years ago.

Donnie is almost done with Saxon Math 7/6; I think he has less than ten lessons. He has also been self taught these last 3 years and is doing wonderful. He still dawdles some, but that is getting better as time goes on.

Right now I have them doing writing together. They pretty much do the same thing. First they do a short lesson in Fix It. They find the errors and rewrite the passage. This is working out great.

IEW Fix It - Donnie
Donnie's IEW Fix It
IEW Fix It - MaryEllen
MaryEllen's IEW Fix It - After correcting, they copy the selection with corrections, each day adding to the previous days selection. This helps them identify when a new paragraph is starting.

After Fix It, they do a few pages in their Building Skills. I bought this to further their critical thinking skills.

Critical Thinking Building Thinking Skills Level 2 & 3

Critical Thinking Building Thinking Skills Level 3
MaryEllen does two pages a day in her Critical Thinking Building Thinking Skills Level 3
Critical Thinking Building Thinking Skills Level 3
Critical Thinking Building Thinking Skills Level 3
Critical Thinking Building Thinking Skills Level 2
Donnie also does two pages a day in his Critical Thinking Building Thinking Skills Level 2
Critical Thinking Building Thinking Skills
Critical Thinking Building Thinking Skills Level 2

Then they spend a few minutes going over their roots for the week which comes from English from the Roots Up. I have them read the derivatives and sometimes we will read the page from the book which is very informative. We just finished Book 1 and the kids are now studying for their 100 roots test, which is at the end of next week.

Then they do some copywork in cursive. Right now they are finishing up The Ten Commandments. Next they will begin copying various chapters from the Psalms.

Ten Commandments Copywork - MaryEllen
MaryEllen's Ten Commandment's Copywork
Ten Commandments Copywork - Donnie
Donnie's Ten Commandments Copywork

Next comes writing. They just finished The Writing Course last week. This week they are working on an oral report per their dad. Next week we will begin IEW SICC-B.

Once writing is done, they will disappear into their room to read for an hour and a half. (Sometimes they do this first after breakfast) They read two chapters from their Bible, and the rest of the time they read from a history type book and from a literature book. Right now MaryEllen is reading 'The Story of Liberty' and 'Oliver Twist'; Donnie is reading 'A Narrative of the Life of David Crockett' and Robinson Crusoe'.

Lastly, they do science. This year, it being MaryEllen's 7th grade year, I added Apologia's General Science to her list. It has been working out great. She wasn't too excited about the extra reading and work, but after 8 weeks, she has adapted wonderfully. Here are her first three test scores. She is getting better as she goes.

General Science-Tests for Modules 1-3

I type up the study guide and summary module for her to do before she takes the test. Similar to Saxon, she goes over the ones she misses, sometimes reading the explanation from the answer book.

Apologia General Science Module Summary

Apologia General Science Study Guide 2

Apologia General Science On Your Own

Donnie is doing E-Science which is working out great also. A few weeks ago, he made a hover craft, which I need to blog about, and next week, we will have fun growing crystals.

Sadly, typing hasn't been done the last week and a half. We have been starting studies late, and haven't made it a priority. This week, we haven't done a drawing lesson either. MaryEllen draws everyday, but she is also learning from the course.

That pretty sums up our days. It looks the same everyday, so I don't blog about it daily.


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Cynce's Place Week In Review: Week 1-4

Wow, we are beginning week four already. So far everything is going smoothly. I did make a few changes to what we will be doing. I don't plan on omitting anything, but more like postponing it.

One thing that will be postponed is the Simply Charlotte Mason (SCM) history. I have the kids reading about US history during reading time right now, and I didn't want to mix the different time eras. So, we will pick up SCM after they finish; maybe around November.

I have MaryEllen reading Charles Coffin's, The Story of Liberty. She will then continue with Sweet Land of Liberty.

Donnie is reading Mara L. Pratt's, The Foundations of the Republic and I might have him continue with The American Citizen.

These were not on their original book lists, but after going through our shelves, I decided to add them.

In January, I will be adding Notgrass' Exploring World History to MaryEllen's schedule. She wants to begin earning high school credit so that she can graduate early and pursue her other interests, mainly her drawing.

So, I think Donnie and I will go ahead with SCM History while MaryEllen branches off.

MaryEllen is finishing up her first Module in General Science. She will take her first test on Thursday or Friday.

I prepared a schedule for her, similar to the one I made for Donnie, so she knows what to do each day.

General Science Schedule

She writes out her On Your Own questions and makes flash cards for the vocabulary.

General Science Vocab

I typed up the Study Guide for her so it was more like the test she will be taking, plus I enjoy doing it; weird I know.
General Science Study Guide Module 1

The Module Summaries are optional and can be used if the student needs more help before taking the test, but I decided to have her do them anyway. I was going to have her copy these and supply the answers as she goes as recommended in the book, but I copied one as a trial and it took me over an hour to get through them. I understand the importance of writing it out so that it sticks, but it will take too long. I decided to just have her fill in the blank, but really read it as she goes. It might be a good idea to have her read it aloud to herself too.

We started typing a little late, last week to be exact. But, they are enjoying TypingWeb and are just about finished with the home row keys.

Math and writing are moving right along.

During read aloud time, we have enjoyed Star of Light and The Sugar Creek Gang. I enjoy reading The Sugar Creek Gang, the boys are fun and I enjoy their adventures. Of course I like how the Lord and living for Him is intertwined throughout the book.

All in all, I am pleased with what the children have gotten done.

So, have you started studies yet?




Week 4
Our week was cut short for a few reasons...

  1. Don has an extra day off this week 🙂
  2. Sunbeam, our adopted cat, brought us her kittens

You can guess how excited the kids were to have the kittens around! You can read about it on this post.

Math Drills
Saxon 76 Math Drills

For math, Donnie did two lessons this week and MaryEllen did a lesson and a test. They each did two speed drills.

They each did two lessons in their Writing Course.

English From The Roots Up
English From The Roots Up

They copied two out of three roots from English From The Roots Up.

Exploring Creation With Human Anatomy & Physiology
Exploring Creation With Human Anatomy & Physiology

They continued to read in their Exploring Creation With Human Anatomy and MaryEllen did the notebooking pages for chapters 6 & 7.

We also watched Part 1 of the Skeletal System from The Body Of Evidence.

They also did two days of their Bible Studies.

They did their hour and a half reading. Donnie is reading Five Little Peppers and How They Grew and MaryEllen finished Frontier Living and is now reading Gladys Aylward.

Well, I guess that wraps up our week. Today, we are heading north to visit the kids' grandma. We are taking her Don's homemade chili this week. 🙂