CA_TheStoryofPocahontas-1th CA_TheStoryofPocahontas-1th

In both Ruled and Primary Lines This set includes: The story of Pocahontas and the settlement of Virginia Questions for review (older students) Pocahontas fact sheet (younger students) Notebooking pages on Pocahontas, John Smith, Chief Powhatan, John Rolfe and Lady Rebecca Copywork selections for older and younger students Simple mapping Creating a timeline of Pocahontas’…

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CA_JohnChapman-2rs CA_JohnChapman-2rs

It is 48 pages and includes: A short story on John Chapman Notebooking pages – 17 different layouts Map to record his travels Poem titled ‘Johnny Appleseed’ Apple notebooking pages – includes blank pages, labeling, describing an apple, and a seed worksheet Apple fractions – 4 lessons on simple fractions [eshop_addtocart] Sample Pages of Johnny…

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The Daniel Boone Notebooking Bundle includes: The Story of Daniel Boone Text Daniel Boone Book Report Form Daniel Boone Notebooking Pages Daniel Boone Copywork Daniel Boone Pictures – Great for picture study or coloring You are getting the copywork and pictures FREE

Daniel Boone Notebooking Pages Daniel Boone Notebooking Pages

These notebooking pages were originally designed to go with The Story of Daniel Boone, but it can compliment any study on Daniel Boone. View

Daniel Boone Notebooking Pages
DanielBooneth DanielBooneth

The Story of Daniel Boone is 56 pages long. It includes 14 short chapters that are sure to be a delight to any child. The book is formatted to print double-sided and will be 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2.