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Friday Freebie: State & Capital Cards – South Region

State Cards

The kids are learning their states and capitals beginning with the southern states...since we are in Georgia.

These cards can be printed on card stock or regular paper.

The kids match up the state with the capital. They can also be used as flash cards.

I included in the download a map of the southern states so they can learn their positions also.

There is also a list of the state and its capital.


State Cards State Cards

The kids enjoyed the challenge of matching them up.

I plan on doing this with all regions, so stay tuned. 🙂

*Remember, these are only available until Monday.

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1 thought on “Friday Freebie: State & Capital Cards – South Region

  1. MaryEllen

    Ah man, I missed the download period! This is something even I need to freshen up on. Looks like the kids are really into matching the states with their capitals. 🙂

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