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Friday Freebie: Northeast State and Capital Cards

This week, I have the next set of state and capital cards. I added the state abbreviations to this one. When I was having the kids fill in the map, I noticed them writing out the whole state name. I was thinking they would just write the abbreviation. Duh! lol! I didn't have them learn the abbreviation! 🙂 So, this week I added them.

These are great to be used as:

  • flashcards - show the student the name of the capital and have him supply the state, and vice-versa.
  • memory - just like you would play the game of memory with your littles, the older children can play memory too, uncovering the state and capital as a match.
  • matching - side by side matching going through the pile.

*Remember, these are only available until Monday!!

Download Expired.