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MaryEllen had a birthday a few weeks ago. I usually give the kids their birthday's off from studies. Well, this time I thought why not hand out a Free Study Day Coupon that she can use whenever she wants.

She did use it on her birthday, which fell on a study day.

Birthday Pass Coupon

Birthday Pass Coupon

Download Birthday Coupon - Girl
Download Birthday Coupon - Boy




First, I have decided that the Friday Freebie, which I renamed The Weekly Freebie, is now going to be The Forever Freebie! LOL! This will make it easier for those who cannot visit the site during the week, to still be able to download the freebie. Sound good?

Okay, on to today's freebie, which will be here, so feel free to pass on the link, it won't expire or blow up!! 😉

I made a few coupons the kids can earn for doing good on their studies.

MaryEllen earned a Free Subject Pass for getting 100% on her math lesson. Usually it is 100% on 3 lessons in a row, but this was her FIRST 100%, so I thought she deserved it. 🙂
Free Subject Pass

Donnie finished his Saxon 65 math book, so he got a Free Study Day Pass. They get one of these whenever they finish their math book.
Free Study Day Pass

Download Free Subject Pass - Girl
Download Free Subject Pass - Boy

Download Free Study Day Pass - Girl
Download Free Study Day Pass - Boy