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I have another reading comprehension and vocabulary packet. This one is for George Washington.

This piece takes place during the French and Indian war.

George Washington Worksheets
Download George Washington With General Braddock - Reading Comprehension & Vocabulary

Links of Interest

Letter from Washington to his mother about the day mentioned in this piece.
General Braddock's Defeat in the French and Indian War - this link might help with answering a few of the questions in the packet.


There are even free notebooking pages at the bottom of the page to enhance your study on George Washington. Find them here.

I also have some George Washington copywork and the story of the cherry tree.


Books of Interest


Video of George Washington

General Braddock


About George Washington


For the younger crowd.

We still enjoy Liberty's Kids.




Abraham Lincoln's birthday is coming up, February 12th. I had these worksheets in my member's area before I closed it down and am now adding it here for all. 🙂

It is basically a reading comprehension sheet. There is a selection to read about Abraham Lincoln as a boy and questions to answer. There is also vocabulary for the student to look up in the dictionary, choosing the correct definition as used in the reading selection.

I hope that you can find room for it in your study of Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln Worksheet
Download The Boyhood of Lincoln

Books You Might Enjoy



Video on Abraham Lincoln




This week, I have some Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman) notebooking pages. I am a little late as his birthday has already passed, but they can still be useful. 🙂

It is 48 pages and includes:

  • A short story on John Chapman
  • Notebooking pages - 17 different layouts
  • Map to record his travels
  • Poem titled ‘Johnny Appleseed’
  • Apple notebooking pages - includes blank pages, labeling, describing an apple, and a seed worksheet
  • Apple fractions – 4 lessons on simple fractions


Download Johnny Appleseed Notebooking Pages (John Chapman)





This week I have the last set of questions for this series,Sounding Forth the Trumpet for Children by Peter Marshall and David Manuel.

If you don't own the book, it is a great history read for elementary to early middle school age. Heck, I even enjoyed reading it and the other two books in the series. 🙂

There are questions in the back of the book for each chapter, and that is what I put in downloadable format. It just makes it easier on my son when it comes time to answer them.

You can find the first two books here:

From Sea to Shining Sea Questions
The Light and the Glory Questions

Download Sounding Forth The Trumpet Questions




From Sea to Shining Sea For Children - Questions This week, I have the next set of questions for From Sea to Shining Sea for Children by Peter Marshall and David Manuel.

I had planned on including this on Donnie's reading list next year, but am now thinking of going a different route. Looking it over again, I just might have him read it...ack, I don't know. 🙂 Maybe I won't have him do the questions...maybe just orally. OR, maybe I will choose a few and make it a book test! Yah, that sounds like an idea. ***I am thinking out loud here*** ;~)

In case you  missed it, here are the questions for The Light and The Glory.

Download From Sea To Shining Sea Questions




The Light and The Glory For ChildrenAs I was planning for the next school year, I was thinking of having Donnie read The Light and the Glory for Children as well as the other books in the series.

I was also thinking of having him answer the questions in the back for each chapter. I decided it would be easier for Donnie if the questions were as worksheets and inserted into his school folder. If he sees it, he will remember to do it. 🙂

So, I typed them up notebook style. I am happy to share them with those of you who plan on using this book in your studies also.

Funny thing though, the past week or so, I have felt the leading to have us all learn Bible History. So, I am now researching this. 🙂 I have always wanted to dig deeper into Bible times, so I am excited.

You can find The Light and the Glory by Peter Marshall and David Manuel at Amazon or Christianbook.

Download The Light and the Glory Questions



I haven't been feeling good all week. I had a fever, chills, runny nose, wheezing and a head ache. This is the 3rd time I have been sick like this in 4 months. The cold symptoms irritate my allergies and my wind pipe tightens up and it is hard to breathe. I am going to have to look hard at my diet, apparently my immune system is low.

This Friday, I have a simple reader on George Washington and the cherry tree. The pages can be printed and colored. It is 6 pages total and they would be printed front and back and then folded to make it booklet style. (I print even pages first and then re-insert to print the odd.)

In the beginning, I added the story of the cherry tree. The other pages is the story in poem format and a picture the kids can color.

George Washington and the Cherry Tree Short Reader

George Washington and the Cherry Tree Short Reader

George Washington and the Cherry Tree Short Reader

Download George Washington Book