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Hey everyone! It has been a long while.

Today I wanted to share MaryEllen's entry for the Doodle4Google Contest. She wasn't one of the chosen, but I am too proud not to share. 🙂

She has begun to use the computer with her drawing. We finally set her up with her own desk and computer. She did this all digitally, one of her first projects.

Doodle4Google Entry

Here is a snippet from what she wrote on the entry form. "Drawing is something that I love to do, and I basically taught myself how. I also like to read fantasy and sci-fi books."

I think she did an excellent job. I am encouraging her to start her own blog, maybe as a summer project.

Hope y'all are doing fine. I will post again soon.



MaryEllen and Donnie are always making paper dolls of their favorite characters. I have meant time and again to share some of their creations, but just haven't got around to it.

The other day, yesterday in fact, I noticed this new one. I asked about it and was told that MaryEllen had just made it the day before. I loved the doll's accessories and decided to finally share.

I am told this is Artemis from the Young Justice series. I am not sure exactly what this series is about besides fighting bad guys.

Artemis Paper Doll

The kids draw and color the doll. After they apply packing tape and then they cut them out.

Artemis Paper Doll

The detail is what I was most impressed with and the cute accessories, the bow and arrows that fit into the quiver.

Artemis Paper Doll

They originally began creating these paper dolls when they wanted to buy the toy, but didn't have the money or didn't want to spend the money. They take a lot of time and they don't just make one, they make the whole gang.

I think they are working on the Young Justice series right now, but they have done the entire clan of How To Train Your Dragon, including the dragons, and The X-Men.




MaryEllen's Drawings

I thought I would share a little of what MaryEllen is drawing these days.

MaryEllen practically draws 24/7. I bet she even draws in her dreams. lol! She draws during story hour, she draws in the car, she draws while watching a movie (Except in the theater, although she has mentioned if she could find a way to, she would.), she draws during her free time, she draws at the coffee shop, at the doctor's office, during visits to see grandma, pretty much 24/7.

She is improving a lot on the art of drawing people. Now, I am no artist, but these are wonderful.

~You can click on these photos to make them larger.~

This first one is of Sundance, our kitty. She was drawing her while Sundance was lying on the bookshelf. My husband, Don, didn't know and went to pet Sundance which caused her to move, so MaryEllen didn't get her other paw.
Sundance - ©MaryEllen Albright

Here is Loki. I believe her favorite Marvel movies are the Thors. Loki is her favorite villain.
Loki - ©MaryEllen Albright

Loki again.
Loki - ©MaryEllen Albright

Here she made Loki as if he were a cat. I think she calls it humanizing.
Loki as a cat - ©MaryEllen Albright

Brotherly love. Loki and Thor in an embrace. They are also humanized as cats.
Thor and Loki as cats - ©MaryEllen Albright

Thor, her favorite Marvel character.
Thor - ©MaryEllen Albright

This one is of Raven from Teen Titans.
Raven from Teen Titans - ©MaryEllen Albright

Night Crawler is one of her favorite characters from The X-Men.
Night Crawler - ©MaryEllen Albright

There are her own creations of super-heroes I guess you would call them.
Her own creations - ©MaryEllen Albright

It is fun to watch her draw, the movement of her hand and arm, and seeing the shapes from an image. Pretty neato! The amazing thing is she draws these from memory, the detail and all. Granted, the characters look young, but I am sure with more practice, they will soon grow older. lol! She definitely has the determination and patience.



That's right! MaryEllen drew this picture of the X-Men as dragons. She colored and framed it and gave it to Donnie as a Christmas gift.

X-Men as Dragons by MaryEllen AlbrightClick for larger image.

Can you name them? I can only name Storm and Gambit. Gambit only because MaryEllen pointed him out. He is one of her favorites.

It is cold here in North Central Georgia. When it is cold, I don't feel like getting dressed, so I am still in my pajamas and it is almost noon. I am just thankful it doesn't get this cold that often. Also, this weather irritates my asthma. It makes me wheeze, but only if I am out in it. Last week just walking from the supermarket to our car made me cough which then makes me wheeze. I need to remember to wear a scarf or turtle neck so I can put it over my mouth.

Stay warm wherever you are.

Talk to y'all soon.



We received the issue of Clubhouse Magazine where MaryEllen's drawing is being published. It was so exciting for her. She very slowly turned each page anticipating when she would see her drawing.

When the page finally came up, we were very pleased with its placement. She got a nice big spot. 🙂

Here are the two pictures she sent in for consideration. I couldn't post them the time I told you about her being chosen because I forgot to scan them before we sent them in. They have returned them to us, so now I can share.



And, here is the picture she drew for them for the magazine. They actually told her what to draw so that it would match the story she was illustrating.

Here is her drawing in the magazine with the story.


Isn't that just wonderful? They sent her $10 and a few issues to giveaway. This has been a wonderful experience for MaryEllen.

Proud Mamma,


Last week MaryEllen got a letter from Focus on the Family letting her know that she was chosen to illustrate a story in their Clubhouse Magazine. 🙂 This will be their annual subscriber's magazine where all the content is from kids. We are very proud of her!

I did not scan the sample she sent in, so I am showcasing some of her recent work. You can see her drawing for the magazine when it comes out in August. I will also post it here in August.

You can click on the pictures to see them larger.

This one she actually drew in January for her cousin.

She loves carousels! This cat and the horse below are samples of her carousel pictures. I like the elephant peeking out.
Cat Carousel - MaryEllen
Carousel Horse - MaryEllen

This picture at first sight reminded me of Toothless and Hiccup. Before it was colored, I actually thought it was them until I noticed the dragon's ears and tail and the boy had both his legs. 🙂
Dragon and Boy - MaryEllen
Toothless and Hiccup

We are on to fantasy now. She also likes to draw dragons. She finished The Chronicles of Narnia a few months back and started drawing centaurs.
Centaur - MaryEllen

This one she made for her Uncle Joe. I like the colors.
Flying Dragon - MaryEllen

This one has a horn like a unicorn. Look at the eyes, looks ghostly.
Flying Dragon - MaryEllen

This one is pretty neat with his rider.
Dragon and Boy - MaryEllen

This is a cute one, parent and child. Maybe the kid dragon is learning to fly.
Parent and Child Dragon - MaryEllen

Okay, this one looks mean. I wouldn't want to meet him in a dark alley. 🙂
Dragon - MaryEllen

This one looks more friendly.
Dragon - MaryEllen

I like when she colors them. I like the colors she chose on this one. I think she drew this one for her sister.
Dragon - MaryEllen

A serpent type dragon. Very creative.
Serpent Dragon - MaryEllen

Last, but not least, a pretty flower dragon...I guess. This is one of my favorites for some reason. Must be the girliness, if that is a word. 🙂
Flower Dragon - MaryEllen

So, which is your favorite?





Dragons are pretty neat creatures. They are as fascinating as your imagination takes you. MaryEllen enjoys creating different dragons using inspiration from a few of her art books.

Candy Cane Dragon
MaryEllen made this candy cane dragon for her Grandma Rose.
Dragon blowing fire
Dragon blowing fire.
This is a pretty interesting dragon. I like how the body is curved.
Watermelon Dragon
A watermelon dragon. I like the colors of this one and the 'seeds'.
This is a pretty dragon. It reminds me of coffee colors. Maybe it can be called Mocha.
This one wants to look spooky, or maybe stern is more like it. I like the design on the wings.
Look at the detail in those scales. You know that took a while. I like the purple and black colors.
This one was taken with the camera from her bedroom wall, so it is a little shaded on the left.
Dragons fighting
A battle between dragons, or maybe a friendly game of wrestle. 🙂
Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon.






It has been a while since I posted some pictures of MaryEllen's drawings. Here are some I took from her July and August folders.

We have been going through See The Light Art Class, and you can see her experimenting with color pencils using the tips from Pat, the Master Artist. You can also tell that she like dragons.

She also wanted to share a few as coloring pages, so I made PDF's of those, which are below.

[Download not found]
[Download not found]
[Download not found]
[Download not found]
[Download not found]

Click on an image to see it larger.


A member on the Robinson Curriculum (RC) forum mentioned Scratch, a free software program where you can create pictures, animations, games, etc. MaryEllen has been mentioning that she wants to learn to animate, and I have been looking into lessons on the internet and programs, so when this was mentioned I thought I would take a look.

About a week ago, I downloaded and installed it on the computer. It is a great stepping stone and the kids have been enjoying it very much.

Here are a few screen shots of the program. This is where they set up the scripts, movements etc. They draw in the box. The program also has clipart they can use as well as sounds and backgrounds.

Below are a few pictures MaryEllen drew into the program.







They are still learning the program and hope to add their own sounds, pictures, etc. They also hope to learn how to make short animations.


Happy Creating,


For a few weeks now, the kids have been watching a robin family.You can hear them in the morning during feeding time. 🙂  The kids go out to watch them as they are having breakfast. The parents take turns and as soon as they land, the babies begin to chirp. There are three young ones.

MaryEllen drew a picture of the Robins.

She took a few videos, but they make me dizzy just watching them. I feel like I just got off of a roller coaster. lol! 🙂

A few days ago, the baby birds were on the branch. The kids said they were getting flying lessons. 🙂 Now they are gone. Not sure if they return to the nest or not. I will have to take a look is dark right now and late.

Until next time,