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Donnie’s Reading List For 2012-2013

Donnie's Reading Basket
These are the books I have planned for Donnie this year (6th grade). I am not sure if he will get to them all, but it is a good goal.

Some are from the Robinson Curriculum (RC) book list, some I added and some go with the history curriculum we will be doing this year (SM). He will do two literature studies using the Any Novel Novel Study Guide.




Treasure Island Robert Louis Stevenson  RC
Robinson Crusoe Daniel Defoe  RC
The Captain's Dog Roland Smith
Teddy's Button Amy Le Feuvre
Alone In London Hesba Stretton
Christy's Old Organ Mrs. O.F. Walton
Little Faith: The Child of the Toy Stall Mrs. O.F. Walton
A Hedge Fence Isabella Alden
Christian Conquests A.L.O.E.
Charles Finney Bonnie C. Harvey
Charles Spurgeon J.C. Carlile
The Prince and the Pauper Mark Twain Any Novel, RC
Side By Side Isabella Alden
Robin Hood J. Walker McSpadden Any Novel
Six O'Clock in the Evening Isabella Alden
Her Mother's Bible Isabella Alden
Detectives in Togas Henry Winterfeld SM History
Mystery of the Roman Ransom Henry Winterfeld SM History
Cleopatra Diane Stanley SM History
Galen and the Gateway to Medicine Jeanne Bendick SM History