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Donnie Finished His Math Book

Donnie finished his Saxon 54 math book this week! Yay! He started it last August and has plodded along since.

For two days this week, he has been taking tests to see where he starts in Saxon 65. I am starting him on Lesson 26.

Now, Donnie does not care to do math...but he is good at it. Usually, it will take him twice as long as it should, or it could, for him to finish a lesson. Here he is with his, 'I do not like math' look.

I play around with him and call him 'my little mathematician'. He asks, 'Is that someone who does magic math tricks?'!! 😉 Too funny. I had to hold in my laugh as I explained what a mathematician was.

Here he is with his fake 'I LOVE math!'

Today was a short day of studies. I only had the kids do their math. They also did Bible and we will read from our read alouds tonight.

Tomorrow we are heading to North Georgia and on Monday we will visit an apple orchard to pick apples. 🙂 The kids, and I, are looking forward to it.

You all have a great weekend,