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Digestive System Notebooking Pages

The next set of anatomy notebooking pages is the Digestive System.

I added a comic strip notebooking pages for those who are using the Apologia Elementary Anatomy Text, and for those who would like to add it to their studies.

Here are some questions to think about as you do your study on the digestive system.

1. What is the alimentary canal?
2. What processes take place in it?

3. What is the purpose of mastication?
4. Describe the teeth. Name them.
5. Describe the structure of the teeth.
6. What can you say of the care of the teeth?

7. What glands are located in the mouth?
8. What do these glands secrete, and what are the properties of these secretions?
9. Describe the pharynx.

10. Describe the stomach.
11. Name and describe the coats of the stomach, and tell the use of each.
12. What is the gastric juice, and what is its use?
13. What is known of the movements of the stomach?
14. Describe the process of stomach-digestion.
15. What is the chyme?
16. Describe the small intestine.

17. What is the pancreas?
18. What can you say of pancreatic digestion?

19. Describe the liver.
20. What is known of the bile and its action?
21. When does absorption take place?


Digestive System Notebooking PagesDownload Digestive System Notebooking Pages



Digestive System Comic StripDownload Digestive Comic Strip

Digestive System Resources

Quizzes, videos, games and puzzles

Build the digestive system using clay or play dough

Digestive System Project - Cut out and put together the digestive system. Label and explain what each organ does.

Digestive System Experiments

Converting Starch to Sugar

Digestive System Lessons with Experiments - This site has a few simple experiments that use everyday supplies.

Digestive System Videos

Food goes in, then what? Find out in this video.

I thought this poem was cute.

( Sung to the Tune -- On Top of Old Smoky)

On top of spaghetti -- all covered with cheese
I spotted a meatball, and quick as you please
I forked that big meatball right into my mouth
and started a process that this song’s about.

My teeth chewed the meatball and mixed it up well
with saliva and juices, all triggered by smell.
That bolus of food then passed out of my mouth
and into the esophagus for its long journey south.

The old peristalsis kicked right in you know
and took my big meatball where the pH is low.
Inside of my stomach, HCL and pepsin
were mixed with the meatball by churning again.

Then shortly my stomach told the meatball good-bye
passed it to the intestine where the pH is high.
Intestinal juices, pancreatic ones too
along with the liver’s bile has much work to do.

All of those enzymes got right down to work
and broke down my meatball with nary a quirk.
Amino acids, monosaccharides too
are all that is left from my meatball it’s true.

Now all of the nutrients set out for a ride
in a little red blood cell tucked safely inside
they’ll ride in the plasma wherever it leads
and nourish a cell that has nutritional needs.

Back in the intestine the rest of my meal
was sent to the colon -- which removes water with zeal.
When you eat spaghetti all covered with cheese
remember my meatball and these processes.

Cindy Moss (Biology Teacher)
Independence High School in Charlotte, NC.



9 thoughts on “Digestive System Notebooking Pages

  1. Elizabeth Brand

    I can't get the "Digestive System Project – Cut out and put together the digestive system. Label and explain what each organ does" link to work. 🙁

  2. Tisha

    Thank you very much! :o) I appreciate your willingness to share these wonderful pages. I can't wait to check out the rest of your site.

    1. Cynthia Albright

      Hi Sheryl, I originally made chapter specific pages for the Young Explorer's Series, but couldn't share those because I didn't want to get into any trouble with copyright, so I generalized them so that they could be used with any anatomy course or book.

  3. Tanya

    Thank you so much for all the great resources. I started using the digestive system pages and will certainly by using the other body systems in my class.


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