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I created this piece of copywork a few years ago, but haven't put it up on Cynce's Place yet. I noticed there are a few others, so I will try to get those up soon.

Ephesians 6:14-16 kjv copywork, Includes a place to copy the verse, rewrite it in their own words, and how to apply it to their lives.

I created these for the kids a while back when I wanted them to go a little deeper than just copying verses. They are great for mini-devotions.

 Download Ephesians 6:14-16 kjv Copywork

I hope your kids enjoy it.






I am finally getting these transferred to my blog. This is a set of Proverbs copywork I did a few years back.

The first set is primary lined and in the D'Nealian font.

The second set is D'Nealian cursive.

I hope you find them useful.

Proverbs Copywork - D'Nealian - KJV

Proverbs Copywork - kjv
Proverbs 1 Copywork - Primary Lined
Proverbs 2 Copywork - Primary Lined
Proverbs 3 Copywork - Primary Lined
Proverbs 4 Copywork - Primary Lined
Proverbs 5 Copywork - Primary Lined
Proverbs 6 Copywork - Primary Lined
Proverbs 7 Copywork - Primary Lined
Proverbs 8 Copywork - Primary Lined
Proverbs 9 Copywork - Primary Lined
Proverbs 10 Copywork - Primary Lined
Proverbs 11 Copywork - Primary Lined
Proverbs 12 Copywork - Primary Lined
Proverbs 13 Copywork - Primary Lined
Proverbs 14 Copywork - Primary Lined
Proverbs 15 Copywork - Primary Lined
Proverbs 16 Copywork - Primary Lined
Proverbs 17 Copywork - Primary Lined
Proverbs 18 Copywork - Primary Lined
Proverbs 19 Copywork - Primary Lined
Proverbs 20 Copywork - Primary Lined
Proverbs 21 Copywork - Primary Lined
Proverbs 22 Copywork - Primary Lined
Proverbs 23 Copywork - Primary Lined
Proverbs 24 Copywork - Primary Lined
Proverbs 25 Copywork - Primary Lined
Proverbs 26 Copywork - Primary Lined
Proverbs 27 Copywork - Primary Lined
Proverbs 28 Copywork - Primary Lined
Proverbs 29 Copywork - Primary Lined
Proverbs 30 Copywork - Primary Lined
Proverbs 31 Copywork - Primary Lined


Proverbs Copywork - Cursive - KJV

Proverbs Copywork - Cursive - kjv
Proverbs 1 Copywork - DN Cursive
Proverbs 2 Copywork - DN Cursive
Proverbs 3 Copywork - DN Cursive
Proverbs 4 Copywork - DN Cursive
Proverbs 5 Copywork - DN Cursive
Proverbs 6 Copywork - DN Cursive
Proverbs 7 Copywork - DN Cursive
Proverbs 8 Copywork - DN Cursive
Proverbs 9 Copywork - DN Cursive
Proverbs 10 Copywork - DN Cursive
Proverbs 11 Copywork - DN Cursive
Proverbs 12 Copywork - DN Cursive
Proverbs 13 Copywork - DN Cursive
Proverbs 14 Copywork - DN Cursive
Proverbs 15 Copywork - DN Cursive
Proverbs 16 Copywork - DN Cursive
Proverbs 17 Copywork - DN Cursive
Proverbs 18 Copywork - DN Cursive
Proverbs 19 Copywork - DN Cursive
Proverbs 20 Copywork - DN Cursive
Proverbs 21 Copywork - DN Cursive
Proverbs 22 Copywork - DN Cursive
Proverbs 23 Copywork - DN Cursive
Proverbs 24 Copywork - DN Cursive
Proverbs 25 Copywork - DN Cursive
Proverbs 26 Copywork - DN Cursive
Proverbs 27 Copywork - DN Cursive
Proverbs 28 Copywork - DN Cursive
Proverbs 29 Copywork - DN Cursive
Proverbs 30 Copywork - DN Cursive
Proverbs 31 Copywork - DN Cursive






Proverbs 31 Copywork Cursive - kjvProverbs 31:10-31 is another selection I have chosen to have the kids copy in cursive.

MaryEllen and I will be finishing up our Proverbs 31 Study that we began in the spring and this will be a nice addition.

It is done in Pen Time Style Cursive.

I also added a few blank notebooking pages at the end for those who would rather copy the whole selection instead of under each verse. These pages are also useful for self-reflection. Older students can summarize the selection or write up an application.

Boys can copy these verses too and explain the qualities of a godly wife.

I included a precious poem about a young boy who heard the chapter read, most likely in a Sunday School, and recognizes his mother. He goes home and excitedly tells his mother that his teacher read about her that day.

Proverbs 31:10-31 Copywork - Cursive- kjv

Proverbs 31:10-31 Copywork - Cursive - kjv





I am hoping to have the kids begin to write more in cursive this year. I am going to start them out with simple copywork selections. The first one is The Ten Commandments. It is in the King James Version (kjv) and comes from Exodus 20:1-17.

Hopefully it will suit some of your needs too. I am open to some suggestions as far as other selections go, so leave me comment with your request or email me using the Contact Me page.

Ten Commandments Copywork - Cursive - kjv

Download Ten Commandments Copywork - Cursive - kjv

Update 2-27-13: I had a request for the NASB translation, so I am adding it here for those of you who would prefer this translation. 🙂 This one is not in cursive.

Download The Ten Commandments Copywork - NASB




I realized that I had this on my hard drive, but never uploaded it to the website. It is copywork for 1 Corinthians 13. I guess it worked out with Valentine's Day just around the corner, 1 Corinthians 13 being the Love is... chapter.

It includes:

  • both primary and ruled lines
  • 'in my own words' section where the scripture can be summarized in the student's own words
  • life application where the student can write out how he/she will apply this chapter to their lives
  • index cards of the chapter broken down for easier memorization
  • poster where the student's name can be inserted. Hang it as a reminder of what love is and how we are to portray it.

Download 1 Corinthians 13 - Ruled Lines
Download 1 Corinthians 13 - Primary Lines

 Download 1 Corinthians 13 - Index Cards

 Download 1 Corinthians 13 - Poster




The kids and I are beginning Beautiful Feet Ancient History. 🙂 For their copywork, I made this simple copywork page.

I included cursive in this one as I am hoping to have the kids work more on their cursive.

Genesis 1:1-2 Copywork Cursive  Genesis 1:1-2 Copywork CursiveGenesis 1:1-2 Copywork Cursive  Genesis 1:1-2 Copywork  Genesis 1:1-2 Copywork  Genesis 1:1-2 Copywork

Genesis 1:1-2 Copywork KJV - Cursive - Ruled & Primary Lines
Genesis 1:1-2 Copywork KJV - Primary Lines
Genesis 1:1-2 Copywork KJV - Ruled Lines
Genesis 1:1-2 Copywork KJV - All





I haven't been feeling good the last few days. I have been tired and my sinuses are stuffed up.

Because I wasn't feeling well, I decided to resurrect yet another piece of copywork, 1 Corinthians 10:31.

This piece includes a

  • place to copy the verse
  • rewrite it in their own words
  • write a life application, how can I apply it to my life.

Download 1 Corinthians 10:31 Copywork - Ruled Lines
Download 1 Corinthians 10:31 Copywork - Primary Lines




This week has been busy, and my husband has an extra day off. Yay!! So, I resurrected the Psalm 100 copywork that I had on my old blog, Albright News.
Psalms 100 Copywork

It is in both primary and ruled lines.

I included a place for

  • the Psalm to be copied
  • it to be written in their own words
  • them to write a Life Application and Prayer
  • a fill-in-the-blanks of the Psalm

Hope you enjoy it.

 Download   Psalm 100 Copywork - Primary Lines
Download Psalm 100 Copywork - Ruled Lines