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Whole30 Week 4

Well, I made it!! I wasn't too good about blogging, but I did very well with sticking to the plan.

As the weather became cooler last week, I was in the mood for a goody so I am looking forward to making some paleo chocolate chip cookies from a recipe a friend shared with me.

For that day, I made me some avocado pudding sweetening it with a few dates.

This week, I enjoyed some chia pudding with bananas. I used my immersion blender to blend the bananas in with the pudding. This did the trick. ๐Ÿ™‚

I am feeling the same, although I haven't taken Advair in three days, so that is good. I don't feel like I need it either.

Did I learn anything while on the Whole30?

Well, I can now say my issue isn't food related. It helps, but there are other factors. When the weather shifted a few weeks ago, my sinuses went crazy. Sadly I had to take Mucinex a few days that week. The same thing happened in June or July when the weather shifted to being hotter.

So, what next?

I will continue to eat this way because it makes me feel better. After a meal, I don't feel heavy or bloated. Plus, I know it is way healthier for me. I am still working on getting the family aboard although they will eat most of what I make.

It has also helped me be more consistent like I was hoping. Now that I am officially 'off', I am hoping to continue to be more consistent with making healthy food choices.

Now, if I can get myself to exercise!...




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Sometimes when creating or doing a project, I get b-o-r-e-d! That happened with the anatomy notebooking pages. But, I am back!!

Today, I have the Nervous System Notebooking Pages which includes a few on the Endocrine System as well.

FREE Nervous System Notebooking Pages.

Here are some questions that can be used to help fill in these pages. These notebooking pages do well as a supplement to Apologia's Elementary Anatomy book and their General Science book.

1. Draw a figure of a nerve cell; draw and describe the dendrites. What is the neurite?
2. How many kinds of tissue are there in the nervous system?
3. What are nerve centers?
4. Draw a figure representing a section of the spinal cord.
5. Of how many main divisions is the brain composed?
6. Of what importance are the convolutions of the brain? What is the principal work of the Cerebrum? Of the Cerebellum? Of the Medulla Oblongata?
7. Why does the brain need rest?

For Older Students:

1. What are the organs of the nervous system? What is the function of each part of this system? Of the nerves? The cord? The brain? How are nerves classified according to their functions? Describe a nerve. What is a nerve ganglion?

2. Describe the spinal cord. How many nerves join the cord? What two sets of fibers does each spinal nerve carry? Where is the brain situated? Describe the brain. In which side of the brain are located the cells which regulate the action of the right side of the body?

3. Name some of the cranial nerves. What are the meninges? Is the nerve of sight motor or sensory? Is the nerve of hearing motor or sensory? Is the pneumogastric nerve motor or sensory? Classify the spinal nerves as motor or sensory.

4. What is the sympathetic nervous system? What is the function of the cerebral hemispheres? What kind of acts originate here? Can the muscles act if the nerve which connects them with the brain or cord is cut? What kind of acts take place without the use or intervention of the brain? Describe a reflex act. Name some of our actions which are done without our thinking. What occurs in the brain cells whenever we think or perform a voluntary action?

5. Can the brain and nerve system be developed? How? What is the training of the nervous system called? What are habits? What is the chief end of the study of mathematics and grammar? Why should we read good books? When does the nervous system rest?

I thought questions 5 & 6ย  in #5 were interesting. I got these questions from an old book and they had this to say right along with the anatomy study:

Object of study. The mind is trained by the study of mathematics, language, physics, philosophy, to develop its powers of reasoning and thinking. It is not so much the facts which the child learns as the habits of quick and accurate thinking which count. With these habits he is in a position to make the most of the knowledge and experience which he acquires later. If he has gained the habits of accurate observation and of perseverance and industry, he is well equipped for his progress through the world.

Education is by no means confined to the schools. The greater part of it is obtained in the home and in the community about us. At home the boy is given good books, that he may read of the good deeds and noble lives of the world's history. He is taught courtesy and charity, that he may make those about him happier. He is taken to walk in the woods and fields, and instructed in the story of the rocks and plants and animals, that he may come to love nature and to find an interest in studying its works. He is taken to see great works of art and to hear good music, and taught to care for poetry, that he may acquire refined tastes and see more of the grace and beauty in life.

In this education it is not enough that children shall read books or see paintings or sculptures. They must be taught to appreciate the meaning which is in the work, to feel the spirit which inspired the writer or painter who conceived it, and to understand the thoughts and ambitions and passions which have molded the lives of the men and women who have made the history of which they read. If they learn these things, to them life becomes filled with an interest and a joy which can never die.

"He ate and drank the precious words,
His spirit grew robust,
He knew no more that he was poor
Or that his frame was dust;

He danced along the dingy daysโ€”
And that bequest of wings
Was but a book. What liberty
A loosened spirit brings!"

A most important habit to acquire is that of self-control. It is this quality perhaps beyond all others which distinguishes manhood. The emotions of sympathy, love, pity, enthusiasm, religion, are all excellent elements of our characters. They help to ennoble us and to lead us to strong endeavor, high thought, and worthy action. But they lose much of their usefulness if they are not controlled by judgment and a sense of justice and right, so that they are allowed to sway us only for the greater good of those about us. More especially should the passions of anger, jealousy, sensuality, and the many ignoble impulses which arise from the desire of possession be controlled. In the submission to these lies a great part of the woe and crime which darken the pages of history.

True happiness comes not through the gratification of the desires for the material things of the world about us, but from the possession of a well-balanced mind which can discern the real treasures of life, and a spirit inspired with the pursuit of truth.

Everybody has affinities for truth and culture. If they are developed the man will take his pleasure in good pursuits; if not, he will indulge in sensual pleasures. Everybody should be athletic, but he should also be clever and refined. In these days a clever head and a well-trained mind will accomplish far more than muscular strength.

Pretty neat eh?

Okay, here is the link for the Nervous System Notebooking pages.

Download Nervous and Endocrine System Notebooking Pages


Nervous System Links:

Lots of videos, powerpoints, and games
Links to other websites for lesson plans, quizzes, experiments, etc.
Neuroscience for Kids

Activities To Try:

1. Cross one knee over the other, and let the leg hang loosely. Strike the upper leg sharply with the hand just below the kneecap. The lower leg will jerk suddenly forward. This is an example of a muscular movement occurring without the intervention of any thought upon the part of the individual.

2. Tickle the nose with a feather. The sneeze which follows is a reflex act of the body to rid itself of the source of irritation to the mucous membrane of the nose.

3. Pass the hand rapidly close to the eyes of the student next you. The rapid winking of the lids is an example of an involuntary action established to protect the eye.

4. Note the deep and rapid respiration which replaces the ordinary respiration after exertion, as running. This is an automatic action in response to the need of more respiratory exchange to supply the increased combustion resulting from the increased muscular action.


I hope these bless you in some way or other,


Whole 30 Week 2

Tuesday marked the second week of the Whole30. Week two was a little 'weird' for lack of a better word.

I think I was fighting something because for 3 days any time I ate anything or drank a green smoothie, my stomach would turn, making rumbling noises that well you know...

During those days, I mainly consumed chicken soup (homemade of course) and my green smoothie.

Thankfully I am all better.

This week I didn't try anything new or have any challenges besides feeling ill. The family did have pizza this week while we were out, but Don was kind enough to grill me a steak when we got home. I consumed it with a big salad. Thankfully I remembered to take some nuts with me to snack on while we were in town.

We visited the coffee/book shop while out and I just had a black coffee. I did find some good books, always a plus. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Still no changes. Nothing out of the ordinary. If I breathe deeply, I might get a whiff of a scent, but smells have always come and gone these past two years.

A few days ago while at Kroger, I met a like-minded older lady. She was there buying her produce for a green smoothie recipe which she was more than happy to share with me. She encouraged me to get my family on them and told them to listen to me. ๐Ÿ™‚ She told us of her husband who had prostate issues, I am not sure if it was cancer, but he couldn't walk without a cane. After juicing, smoothies and I am sure better food choices, he no longer needs his cane and is well.

Stories like that are encouraging. Even though my new eating habits might not clear up my sinus issue, I am positive it is benefiting me in other areas.

Well, that is it, nothing profound. I'll see you in a few days with a new freebie. It has been a while since I shared.



These are the two books my sister lent me to read about the Whole30 diet. I couldn't find her category for when she did the Whole30, so I linked to the nearest I could find. ๐Ÿ™‚


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Whole30 Week 1
Tuesday marked one whole week of being on the Whole30.

No, it wasn't that hard, mainly because there wasn't too much to change in my diet.

Breakfast is where I struggled most. I don't usually eat breakfast or eat when I first get up. Usually about 9 or 10ish is when I will have my green smoothie or a piece of fruit. So, having breakfast or a protein in the morning was a challenge. Hard-boiled eggs ended up being my go-to during this first week. This week, I still had my green smoothie, I just added the hard-boiled eggs to the side.

Snacking was another thing that I struggled with, and I gave in to a few times. Nothing bad or out of the Whole30 guidelines, usually nuts or fruit. I am a rotten snacker and unfortunately, it has rubbed off on my children. I tend to eat between lunch and dinner and between dinner and bed. I did way better this week. (Now to work on the kids *sigh*.)

We had company this past weekend, and I made homemade brownies, but I didn't eat any with them.:) [wasn't even tempted. ๐Ÿ˜€ ] I actually didn't have anything as I wasn't hungry so I thought it best not to have even a piece of fruit. My plan was to have an apple with Sunbutter.

Tuesday we ate out. I was a little worried, but I just had a salad with lemon juice squeezed on it. At home I would add Celtic Sea Salt and pepper, but I just did lemon since I wasn't sure if I could have table salt. I also had two pieces of baked chicken removing the skin because I wasn't sure what they put on it and some fruit.

No changes this week. I have been a little queasy the past few days. I hope it goes away soon.

Sweet potato hash was the only new recipe I tried this week. It was okay, but I most likely will not make it again.

You know what I did have that I haven't had in decades? Tuna fish with hard-boiled eggs and mayo. My husband, Don, doesn't like tuna with egg, so I don't make it that way, but that is how I grew up eating it. It was yummy. You can also add tomato and onion, but I left it out this round. I enjoyed it on a bed of raw baby spinach. Perfecto!

So that was my first week. It went well and fast.


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Book Binding
Going on four years with the RC curriculum, I haven't tried binding a book yet until this week.

And you know what? It is F-U-N! I only did two, but I am looking forward to doing more.

Usually I try to find the book at used bookstores, thrift stores, etc. If I can't find it that way, I will print it and put it in a small binder.

I like the binding SO much better.

Robinson Curriculum Book Binding

The first two I did were Do and Dare, and Bob, Son of Battle. I followed the instructions at this website.

I made the spines and covers and reinforced them with packing tape.

Robinson Curriculum Book Binding

Yip, I am proud of my work. Now to bind some more!

Book Binding






My Health Story

I don't write much about my health, but I have been battling with, well I don't know really. I get shortness of breath and I don't have to do anything. Just sitting can cause it, but of course mopping, running, etc. will bring it on quicker.

It has been maintained, so I rarely get out of breath just sitting. But, if I don't take Advair, then it does return.


My Story

Anyway, three years ago testing showed I was allergic to dust mites and their droppings. Gross! It is so hard to keep everything dust free. I dust one day and it is back the next.

Back in 2010 just mopping would cause me to wheeze and it became hard to breathe. I would sit for about an hour and then I'd be okay. The doctor prescribed Singulair, nasal spray, and I don't remember what. I do remember joking with my husband that we just bought the pharmacy. lol!

I took the meds, except the steroids, they scared me, and I felt better. Yay! I continued to take Singulair. Although the side effects that could happen scared me.

I am not one who likes to take medication. If I have a headache, I will bear with it unless it us unbearable, so I didn't feel comfortable with all this, but I knew something had to be done.

Well, that fall while coming home from our Texas vacation, I had the worse shortness of breath ever. We had car trouble on the freeway, so we parked next to an on-ramp. We had to walk up the ramp to the convenient store to use the restroom. Half way up the hill, I couldn't breathe. Speaking was hard too. I managed to tell my son to let daddy know that I couldn't breathe. Somehow I managed to get to the convenient store. Once rested, I miraculously made it back to the car where I popped an allergy pill. No, I didn't have an inhaler and had no idea what was happening.

We had to stay in a hotel that night, which we had to walk to. Looking back, I know the Lord was with me because now I couldn't do that if I were to get that bad again. Now, if I feel any sort of shortness of breath, I freak out. I have to calm myself down or else I make it worse. I hate that scares me.


Ear, Throat, Nose Doctor

When we got home, we made an appointment with the ENT because I figured they would know more than my doctor. She looked in my nose and told me it was real irritated. She asked what my doctor said. I told her about being allergic to dust mites and what he prescribed me. She gave me a prescription for an inhaler and made a follow-up appointment. I never went back.

I wanted to know what was going on. Why was this happening. I didn't want to have to take medication the rest of my life.


A Year Later

Well actually, 8 months later I decided to do a 10 day juice fast to see if it would help my symptoms. My nose was always stuffed. I was constantly blowing it. There was, a roll of tissue at various places around the house for easy access. Piles of tissue at my feet if I were on the computer or in my bed. I noticed a reduction in phlegm, but not much else.

I gave up dairy, but it didn't seem to make that big of a difference.

I never used the inhaler until a year later. Our feral cat just had kittens, so we had them in the house. About that time I began to get out of breath again and the simplest of tasks were taxing.

Changing laundry from the washer to the dryer was so tiring. Getting dressed, taking a shower. Now this didn't happen suddenly, but in about two months time. I was tired all the time. After doing a small task, I had to sit to regain my breath. Talking and eating were becoming a chore.

Finally my husband said enough is enough, you are going to see a doctor. About this time I was getting scared too, so I called the doctor.



Needless to say, I landed in the hospital. My doctor did a breathing test, which made me cry it was so hard to exhale and it hurt. He also did an EKG. When he saw my oxygen results from my finger, he tried to have me admitted to the hospital. He is so funny, he told me when I get to the ER to act like I am out of breath by breathing hard so that they will get me a bed quick. He said this because when he called, they said they had no beds. I told my husband that that will not be a problem, no acting required. Just walking from the car to the hospital should do the trick.

They did get to me quick, but it was a few hours before I got a room. After two or three days, my lungs were clear. They didn't know what to say, so they said I had acute asthma. They had me go to a lung specialist. The hospital did take a chest x-ray which came back fine.

Well, the lung specialist said he couldn't tell me anything because my lungs were clear from my hospital stay. He said if I start to feel bad again to see him. I don't think I ever did.

Another allergy test confirmed dust mites, but not cats. Hmm. My husband got rid of the kittens while I was in the hospital and cleaned the carpets before I got home.

Our feral cat was an outside/indoor cat. Since her death, we have adopted another cat who is in the house with the occasional walks outside on a leash. ๐Ÿ™‚


Next Year

After my hospital stay, I had so much energy which was great because it was around Thanksgiving and my family was coming to visit. I was able to entertain without a problem. BUT, in the beginning of December, I felt the problem coming back. Oh no!! We visited the doctor and he gave me a nebulizer and the solution to put in it. I used that for 10 months. I hated using it because of the way it made me feel, numb almost and dizzy. Like all medication, I didn't like the side effects and I don't like medication.

I began searching again, tweaking my diet. I juiced, eliminated dairy, sugar, and starches like bread, potatoes and rice. I would see small improvements. The thing is I didn't stick with it.



I felt like I was bouncing from one idea to the next. Maybe I wasn't giving any one a chance, I thought. I also began taking probiotics and digestive enzymes. I tried Serrapeptase, which I think helped.

Last September I visited the ENT again. I saw the doctor and not his assistant this time. He looked up my nose and said I had polyps. I had an MRI done of my head. Definitely clogged. He sent me home with more meds and an appointment for a follow up visit.

During the follow up visit, he suggested surgery. I declined. I wanted to research it some before I accepted. After researching, I decided against it and my search began to get rid of these things naturally.



So, after the holidays of 2012 I began experimenting with different flours mainly. I already used coconut milk and oil. I wanted to eliminate wheat from my diet. This year has been fun as I tried new recipes.

I also thought that maybe sticking to it was tough because it was just me. My family still ate the same. I decided to take them along, the kids at least. My husband is set in his ways. Although he will eat what I make food wise, desserts are a different story.

I did notice my symptoms recede some. I added Vitamin D3 and in May I did a 10 Day Eat Clean Challenge. I had tried green smoothies before, but I wanted to make them a habit and I thought this could help. Well, it did! I still drink my green smoothie everyday. ๐Ÿ™‚

So currently, I take a probiotic, Vitamin D3, Fish Oil, and I am trying something called Sinus Wars. I stopped the serrapeptase so I can tell if the Sinus Wars helps any. It is suppose to shrink the polyps.



There have been some good results from all of my efforts. The thing is I haven't been consistent. Wheat hasn't been a problem, I don't crave it, but I have had Chic-Fil-A a few times and I have splurged at the Mexican restaurant. The other day I had ice cream, which I can't remember the last time I ate ice cream.

The thing is I notice the difference when I eat these foods. My sinus pressure soars, my face breaks out, I feel bloated and constipated. This lasts a few days.

My success have been that I can breathe out of my nose a lot easier (since taking the Sinus Wars). I don't blow it as much. The phlemn has decreased. I take Advair (ENT prescribed) less often, about every two days instead of every day, twice a day.

BUT, I still wheeze after a few days, I still have polyps and my nose is still stuffed, or maybe it is inflamed. I don't know.


Why the Whole30?

Mainly for support and to help me be more consistent, like with the Eat Clean Challenge helping me make a habit of green smoothies.

Once I purge my system, I am hoping to add in foods to see which have a negative and which have a positive effect on me. I *think* oatmeal has a negative effect. It seems when I eat it my face breaks out. Not pimples, but redness on my right side. There are bumps, but they aren't pimples. It also peels.


What Next?

So, there is my story in a nutshell. I plan on beginning the Whole30 in October. I am looking forward to it. Please, if you feel led, keep me in prayer. I really want to rid myself of this problem.

I am not much of a blogger, but I am hoping to blog about my experience. I already keep a food journal, but I want to be more detailed on how I feel after a meal and such.

So, have any of you done the Whole30? I'd love to read about your experience. Please leave a link in the comments so I can visit or feel free to email me. Thanks so much!!






Homeschool Pumpkin Printables

This month I joined in with a few bloggers to put together printables for pumpkins. Pumpkins are a favorite part of fall for me. I love decorating with them, large, small, tiny, they are so fun. Of course, I love baking with them too.

Here are a few printables I put together. My goal was to create some items for the older children. I hope I accomplished this. Please visit the other bloggers who also made printables.



The Pumpkin Poem by John Greenleaf WhittierThis is The Pumpkin, a poem by John Greenleaf Whittier. It is a short but sweet study on the poem.

Download The Pumpkin by John Greenleaf Whittier


The Discontented PumpkinOkay, this is most likely for the younger crowd. The story of the Discontented Pumpkin has a lesson to be learned. It includes a spot for the student to illustrate the story and to tell its meaning.

You can also add scripture on being content. (kjv)

  • Proverbs 17:22 - A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.
  • Proverbs 14:30 - A sound heart is the life of the flesh: but envy the rottenness of the bones.
  • 1Timothy 6:6-7 - 6. But godliness with contentment is great gain. 7. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.
  • Philippians 4:11-13 - 11. Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. 12. I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound: every where and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need. 13. I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Download The Discontented Pumpkin


Pumpkin Selection and ObservationThis reading selection about pumpkins can be used along with the pumpkin notebooking pages below. There is a section on observation that the student can use as prompts.

Download The Pumpkin & Pumpkin Observation


Pumpkin Notebooking PagesThese pumpkin notebooking pages can be used for notes, copywork, writings on pumpkins, stories, etc.

Download Pumpkin Notebooking Pages


Pumpkin CopyworkAnother one for the younger crowd. ๐Ÿ™‚ There are two selections of copywork in this download. The first is titled, Five Little Pumpkins and the other is titled, A Pumpkin Story. They both include:

  • A narration outline
  • A question or two on capitalization pertaining to proper nouns
  • I included a couple matching notebooking pages in case more room was needed for the copywork.

Download Pumpkin Copywork



Cute clipart (c)Lisa at

Waterfall by Lisa T Bergren

We started a new audio book this past month. We only listen to it once a week for about 2 hours, during our drive to Grandma's place, so it will last us a while. It makes the drive go by quicker. So far, we are enjoying it. ๐Ÿ™‚

I decided to try something ย different from what we were use to. We have been doing more Christian based audios with Knights of Arrethtrae,ย The Kingdom Series, and the A.D. Chronicles. We listened to the Knights of Arrethtrae, including The Kingdom Series twice and the A.D. Chronicles had twelve books! Ten of which were in audio format. Oh, and we listened to The Berenfell Prophesies, which had a Christian twist to it also.

This story is filed under Christian fiction for teens. I think it is more for it being clean.

This one is set in Medieval Italy. The young girl, 16 if I remember correctly, is transported into the past. This is her story on trying to get back home and how she copes with being in a new time period. She is very learned, being able to speak Italian and read Latin. She also knows how to 'wield the sword' and ride bare back on a horse. ย All this helps her out in medieval Italy. We are looking forward to continuing the story. As always, one factor in choosing this audio was that it was from Oasis Audio. The reader, Pam Turlow, did a wonderful job with the voices.

The pdf file includes discussion questions that can be used after the novel has been read.

What is your current audiobook?



Intermediate Language Lessons Teacher's Guides

One question I get a lot is if I have a teacher's guide for Intermediate Language Lessons. I am happy to say, now, that, yes, I do.

I wanted to add a little more to this guide than just answers. I wanted it to also offer resources. So, in this teacher's guide, or instructor's guide, as I call it, you will find:

  • Answers to the questions found in Intermediate Language Lessons
  • Samples to the answers that will vary
  • Resource Lists which include books and website links
  • Vocabulary lists taken from the lessons. I included other words that the student might not know.
  • Glossary for the above vocabulary words, except for the lesson where a dictionary is to be used.
  • I made the Summary lessons into a test that the student can take to determine how much he retained.


Instructor's Guide Part 1
Instructor's Guide Part 1
The Instructor's Guide includes answers for ILL Part 1. It also includes resource links for Conversation Lessons, a glossary that can be printed and put into the student's notebook, and quizzes for the To Remember Lessons.
Instructor's Guide Part 2
Instructor's Guide Part 2
The Instructor's Guide includes answers for ILL Part 2. It also includes resource links for Conversation Lessons, a glossary that can be printed and put into the student's notebook, and quizzes for the To Remember Lessons.
Instructor's Guide Part 3
Instructor's Guide Part 3
The Instructor's Guide includes answers for ILL Part 3. It also includes resource links for Conversation Lessons, a glossary that can be printed and put into the student's notebook, and quizzes for the To Remember Lessons.


Here are some samples taken from Part 1
Click on the image to go to the next image.

Invalid Displayed Gallery




Posts may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more information.

Resources for Intermediate Language Lessons Part 2

General Resources
Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Botsford Comstock

Lessons 7 โ€“ The Body
The Anatomy Coloring Book by Wynn Kapit, Lawrence M. Elson
Apologiaโ€™s Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology by Jeannie Fulbright
Human Anatomy in Full Color by John Green
Anatomy Lapbook

Lessons 8 โ€“ Debate
Debate Sheet Website
50 Debate Prompts For Kids by Michael S. Dahlie, Patrick Daley

Lesson 9 โ€“ Letter Writing Review
Friendly Letter Basics Website

Lesson 11 โ€“ Departure of the Pilgrims
The Pilgrims of Plimoth by Marcia Sewall
The Landing of the Pilgrims by James Daugherty

Lesson 16 โ€“ Cud Chewers
Beautiful Cows by Val Porter, Jeremy Hopley and Andrew Perris
Facts About Cows Website

Lesson 17 โ€“ The Deer Family
Deer World by Dave Taylor
Facts About Deer Website

Lesson 28 โ€“ Ships of the Air
About Airships Website
How Airships Work Website
Transatlantic Airships: An Illustrated History by John Christopher
Hot Air Balloons Website
How Hot Air Balloons Work Website

Lesson 54 & 64 โ€“ Trees
Trees: A Visual Guide by Tony Rodd
The Tree Book For Kids And Their Grownups by Gina Ingoglia

Lesson 70 The Post Office
History of Special Delivery Website

Lesson 78 โ€“ Old Ironsides
The USS Constitution Website