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Alone Yet Not Alone and I Am Regina Books

I noted in my last post that I was reading more. Well, two of the books I read were Alone Yet Not Alone by Tracy M. Leiningerand I Am Regina by Sally M. Keehn.

They are the same story but written about different characters. It is the story of two sisters who became Indian captives, Barbara and Regina, who were taken from their family during the French and Indian War. They were separated and ended up with different tribes.

I Am ReginaI bought I Am Regina at a library sale and it has been sitting on my bookshelf  for about four years. The story intrigued me. We might have finished Indian Captive: The Story of Mary Jemison as a read-aloud at this time, so this type of story was most likely still on my mind.

Anyway, during a sale at Vision Forum a few years back I bought Alone Yet Not Alone because the story sounded interesting. After receiving it and looking at it more, I realized it was the same story as I Am Regina.

So, I finally got to reading them. When I began reading them, it didn't occur to me that they would be written from each girl's experience. I read Alone Yet Not Alone first and after, wasn't sure if I wanted to read I Am Regina because it was the same story, but I decided to thinking that since this one was about Barbara the other book might be about Regina. Sure enough!

Alone Yet Not Alone is the story of Barbara's capture. I Am Regina is the story of Regina's capture.

They were both good books, but I felt Regina's story was better told as far as imagery, Indian life, and connecting with the characters go. I enjoyed reading Regina's story and felt myself feeling her pain, sorrow and even anger. The author of I Am Regina stayed true to their christian upbringing and included Bible passages within the text especially when things would trigger a memory.

Alone Yet Not AloneAlone Yet Not Alone I feel was written to the Christian as an encouragement that God is always with us even when we feel alone. In my simple and unhindered life, I cannot imagine the strength it took to hold onto that during this horrific time. It is only through God that they or we could get through the trials that we face in this imperfect life. The book was very encouraging in that respect.

In Regina's story you can sense her anger about the death of her father and brother. Who wouldn't be angry! You can sense her worry about her mother and other brother who were not home at the time of the attack. During her captivity you can relate to her loneliness, her fear of saying or doing the wrong thing, the fear of the unknown as to what will this day bring, the joy of making friends, the sadness of losing friends, the hope of the war ending or soldiers finding and rescuing her, learning to trust her captors and eventually loving them as family.

I found myself scared for her, crying with her, and also wanting her to be rescued, but at the same time torn between her new family and the one she was taken from. I can't imagine the emotional roller coaster she must have been on.

Through Regina's story, you got to see more of Indian life, their beliefs, struggles, pain, fear, hurt...their humanity. Regina also got to see them as people and not as 'savages' as they were called back then.

So, if you have read one of these books, I do recommend you read the other one too. Some of the details differ in each story, but the story line stays true in both.

I just found out today that a movie is set to release of Alone Yet Not Alone in June of 2014 according to their Facebook page. Joni Eareckson Tada sings the song that shares the title of this movie. I would love to see a movie of Regina's story too.







Yip, I've got the blogging blues.

I think it goes further than that...I've got the computer blues. For over a month, I haven't wanted to be on the computer. Facebook has been getting less of my attention which I think is a good thing.

Blogging, I've wanted to come by and chat, but I haven't felt like taking the time to get a post ready. Posting takes a while with writing, editing, taking pictures off of my camera which involves naming them, resizing them, and uploading them. Then there is making the Pinterest image and Facebook post image. It can take a while, especially when I squeeze it in between loads of laundry, cooking dinner, paying bills, etc.

But, it has been nice. I have been checking my inbox daily, deleting and even unsubscribing to a lot of lists that I was on. Unsubscribing has helped the deleting. I found I delete most of what comes into my inbox. There are a few newsletters that I open regularly and whose blogs I visit. I check Facebook a couple times a day, but I try not to get sucked in. I have most of my pages categorized into lists, so I check them, scrolling only a few page lengths and checking the groups that I am involved in such as the RC Group and a few reviewing teams I am participating in.

The good news about all this is that I am reading more. Yay! There are so many books that I want to read that sometimes I feel overwhelmed with them all. During December and into this month, I have already read 8 books. I am so stoked!

What is even better is that I am spending more time in prayer. I have been praying that the computer would become less desirable to the kids, but found that I needed to lead by example. I wrestled with it trying to justify that I am an adult and that the kids should not be questioning my time on the computer. Bills need to get paid, freebies need to be put up, Intermediate Language Lessons Teacher Guides need to be finished. What about all the research I do for health? Can't forget the recipe I need for dinner or dessert. And the list can go on and on. I found I was making excuses. Really, I wasn't managing my time very well. Sometimes I would find myself going between the mail tab and the Facebook tab to see what had changed since I was there a second ago. I realized I was wasting time, time that could be used more wisely and productively.

So, whenever I was tempted to sit in front of the computer, I would do something else, read, wipe the counters down, dust, anything but sit in front of the computer. And when I had to for some reason, I made an effort to get up as quick as possible once I finished my task. Before I would get side tracked and the task I sat down to do would not get done. I hated that!

Okay, I am babbling now. I am not sure how often my presence will be around these parts since I am not completely done with refocusing. I have come quite a way though, but I am not done yet.

Times up! Off to go read...or something. 🙂



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Weeding Out Wheat Review

I am sitting here eating a delicious wheat-free brownie. I've tried a few recipes, but I think I've found the one I will most likely stick with. Going wheat free is a journey, and on that journey, like any other, you will have good moments and not-so-good moments. Finding this brownie recipe, or rather tasting it and liking it, was a good moment.  Enough about my brownie, this is actually a review on a book titled, Weeding Out Wheat: A Simple, Scientific, Faith-Based Guide by Luke and Trisha Gilkerson.

My journey on cutting out wheat, among other things, from my diet go back a few years. I don't write about my health issues too often. What interested me most in Luke and Trisha's book were the two words in the subtitle, Faith-Based.

God Gave Us Wheat...I've read books like The Wheat Belly, and follow numerous blogs, but those two words intrigued me. Really, I never thought about it. Is going wheat-free biblical? What does God say about wheat, bread, pizza!

I never thought about how often bread was mentioned in the Bible. Terms like 'Bread of Life,' have become...I hate to say, cliche, that it never entered my mind.

Weeding Out Wheat: A Simple, Scientific, Faith-Based Guide

'Weeding out' sounds to me that one should go about it slowly, or at their own pace. Some people don't do well cold turkey. I am not actually 100% wheat free, but that is the goal.

Everyone has their reasons for thinking about eliminating the wheat from their diets. Mine was related to my ill health and I dare concur that the majority fall in the same category. It isn't until we begin to feel bad, or a loved one gets ill, that we seek to find answers.

Health Like Money Quote

But as the authors note, and I agree, eliminating wheat isn't the whole answer. Changing our lifestyle and other food choices are also necessary. Weeding out the wheat is a good start though and as you begin reading and learning more about wheat, you will see why. You might just stop mid-bite into your bagel as you read the book.

Let's look at simple. I would agree that this book simplifies the dangers of wheat, as well as the benefits of going wheat-free. The authors' goal was for this to 'be an easy and accessible read for the lay-person.' I feel they accomplished that. They hit all the important issues and whet your palate to want to continue your research.

Scientific? Don't worry, you will not get confused with biology or terms you cannot pronounce. The explanations regarding the changes in wheat and how it affects our bodies is easily understood.

Dwarf WheatThey start out by describing how wheat has changed since the time of our grandparents. They even add a little history behind the man who engineered dwarf wheat and why wheat was tampered with.

They go on to explain gluten. It is sometimes mistaken that if you are gluten intolerant than you have celiac disease. Luke and Trisha explain that 'Celiac disease is just one outcome of being intolerant of gluten.'

There are many conditions and diseases linked to gluten and Luke and Trisha talk about some of the more recognizable ones such as asthma, migraines, PMS, joint pain, digestive problems to name a few.

Side Note: I want to chime in here to say that once I changed my diet, no wheat, dairy, sugar, minimal grains such as rice, adding good fats, green smoothies and lots more green vegetables, my PMS pain disappeared. I use to get bad cramps (not bedridden thank goodness, but bad) during the first few days of my cycle as well as horrendous lower back pain. Plus, I felt tired, body tired. Now I do not get any of those symptoms. Cravings? Well, they were never really an issue with me. 

So, how do you know if you are allergic or react to wheat? The authors also describe a few ways that you can determine if you have a problem with wheat, from tests to just giving it up for a few months.

There are ten pages of End Notes where you will find references to the research Luke and Trisha used while researching for this book.

Now let's look at faith-based. Luke and Trisha say, 'For most people, the question of whether wheat-free eating is "Biblical" has never entered their minds. But for others, this is the question where their faith and their health collide."  Like I said earlier, it didn't even cross my mind, but it has with others.

My interest here wasn't should I be eating wheat, it was more of a curious, what does God say? And yes, if he said thou shalt eat wheat, then I would. But he doesn't and so the confusion is with all the times the Bible references bread. Even Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, means house of bread.

Luke talks about wheat as a provision and blessing from God, but he also notes that bread wasn't always a symbol of plenty.

Side Note: You'll find the story behind Ezekiel bread interesting, if not funny. I'll look at my Ezekiel toast a little differently now.


He goes on to address the concern with taking communion and how there are gluten-free options. Talk to your pastor or priest about your condition or concerns.

Ultimately, it comes down to treating our bodies as the temple of the Holy Spirit, taking care of it the best we know how.

Luke and Trisha don't leave you hanging, they have a chapter on Moving Forward: Making the Wheat-Free Transition. This chapter will give you ideas for a smooth transition. They go into much more than just wheat. They talk about healthy fats, protein, sugar, planning your meals, etc. They even offer a link to their resource page where you will find helpful books and blogs.

On top of that, they have started a Facebook Group where you can interact with like-minded individuals and share about your journey to becoming wheat free. The group is called Weeding Out Wheat: Encouragement & Support.

My Take

I enjoyed reading Luke and Trisha's book and was satisfied with the section that peaked my interest. I have the End Notes marked up and have already read a few articles they linked to. For a little book, it really packs a punch! I would recommend this book to those who are interested in learning about going wheat-free and who want a quick read.

Where to Buy Weeding Out Wheat: A Simple, Scientific, Faith-Based Guide

For a limited time, you can find Weeding Out Wheat: A Simple, Scientific, Faith-Based Guide at a really great price. Get your copy today before the price goes up.

Weeding Out Wheat Launch Special

You can find Luke and Trisha's book at:


Click here to read what others have to say about Weeding Out Wheat: A Simple, Scientific, Faith-Based Guide.



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I created this piece of copywork a few years ago, but haven't put it up on Cynce's Place yet. I noticed there are a few others, so I will try to get those up soon.

Ephesians 6:14-16 kjv copywork, Includes a place to copy the verse, rewrite it in their own words, and how to apply it to their lives.

I created these for the kids a while back when I wanted them to go a little deeper than just copying verses. They are great for mini-devotions.

 Download Ephesians 6:14-16 kjv Copywork

I hope your kids enjoy it.





Earlier this month we visited a museum in an adjacent town. I have been wanting to visit for years, but it has never happened. So, when I heard on the radio that they were doing a Follow the Shepherds Walk and that Don would be off, we made plans.

The Explorations in Antiquity Center is a living museum of life in ancient times. They have archeological replicas of ancient biblical life.

The Shepherds Walk was a tour through the events of the Nativity. I have a few pictures, but my camera died on me. My extra battery too. I might not have charged them long enough or else we need new batteries because the charge didn't hold very long.

Antiquity MuseumOur guide took us through Bethlehem and went into a little history as to why Joseph and Mary ended up there. It was interesting to note that she said Mary most likely walked. I hadn't heard that before. Even if Joseph couldn't afford a donkey, maybe someone else could have. I am so use to imagining Mary on a donkey, that it is hard to see it any other way.

Antiquity Museum

 Antiquity MuseumA replica of a manger which was hewn out of a stone wall in a cave.

 Antiquity MuseumThis stable was really small and we were told that it was more than likely there were no animals in the stable when Jesus was born. The guide also noted how the stable was the perfect place for a newborn to be born because of the temperature inside the cave.

She said that Joseph's relative's home(s) were most likely filled with relatives. Being such that it wouldn't have been an ideal place for Mary to give birth. Also after giving birth she would be unclean for 30 days (I think she said 30 days) and anyone near her during the birthing would also be unclean, so having Jesus in an isolated place was more convenient. I know I wouldn't have wanted to have a child in front of all Don's relatives. 😉

Antiquity Museum

Antiquity MuseumThese are the wine presses.

Antiquity Museum

An altar

Antiquity MuseumThe olive press. This was interesting. I didn't realize how long the olives had to be pressed before use. It makes me wonder how much they got at a time or if they had multiple olive presses going at once in rotation.

Antiquity MuseumThis wasn't part of the tour, but after the guided tour we were able to look around. This is the tomb.

Antiquity Museum

Antiquity Museum

Antiquity MuseumIt was a pretty neat place. They also do digs for kids and have a Biblical meal where you partake of a meal from the time of Jesus.

So, if you are ever in West Central Georgia, you will want to look this place up.

Merry Christmas,


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I found another gem sitting on my hard drive. The Nutcracker Lapbook never got transferred over to Cynce's Place.

Here is what I wrote back in 2008 when I prepared it:

I wasn't sure how to approach this lapbook. Should I do it on the ballet or on the actual story? Or, should I do it on the author of the original story?

Well, I did a search on 'The Nutcracker Lapbook', and came across a lapbook on ballet and a unit study on the nutcracker. So, then I did a search on 'The Nutcracker Unit Study'. This search brought about many unit studies, free and for sale. Most, if not all, concentrated on the ballet. I wanted to go more with the story.

I came up with a combination of the tale and of the ballet. It is focused on the story itself and how it evolved into a popular ballet today. These include author and composer biographies, country of origin for both the tale and the ballet, and more.

I hope you enjoy your study on The Nutcracker and The Mouse King as I did researching it.

Eventually I would love to witness the ballet in person. Hopefully next year my family and I can go. [We haven't gone yet. 🙁 ]

Nutcracker Lapbook

The Nutcracker Lapbook

For the Cover, The whole clan from Nutcracker to Mouse King, - I think this coloring sheet makes a great cover. I couldn’t make it for you all because of copyright issues. Save it to your computer, insert it into word and add a title… now you have your cover. 🙂



Here is all the information I collected while preparing for this lapbook. Going through it, a lot of the links were dead. Yikes! I didn't want to go searching for new stuff, so I used the handy dandy archive I wrote about recently to find the dead links, only a few I couldn't retrieve.


Author Biography
E.T.A. Hoffmann – Bullet points of his life
E.T.A. Hoffmann Biography
E.T.A. Hoffmann Biography

Composer Biography
Composer Biography
Classics for Kids biography
Biography on YouTube
A Tribute to Tchaikovsky – In Pictures and Music – YouTube.

The history of the Nutcracker Ballet
History of the nutcracker, a tool used to crack nuts.
Another site on the history of nutcrackers, a tool used to crack nuts.

Read the Nutcracker Online
Read the Nutcracker (Interactive)
Classics for Kids tells the story of The Nutcracker. Approx. 6 min.

Find More Books On The Nutcracker Here
Unit Studies
Nutcracker Unit Study From Homeschool Share
Study Guide with a recipe for Sugar Plums. Yum!
Study Guide with lots of information. Includes coloring, word search, mad lib and other activities.
Nice source with lots to do in all areas of academics. There are also notebooking pages at the end.

The whole clan from Nutcracker to Mouse King. –

Nutcracker Coloring Sheets -black and white and a color version to

Sugar Plum Princess Coloring
Sugar Plum Princess
Sugar Plum Fairy

Nutcracker and the Rat King Coloring

Maze of Clara looking for her nutcracker.
The Nutcracker Activity Sheets

Crafts – Nutcracker Ornament – Toilet Paper Craft

Dance of the Sugar Plum Princess – listen to or download midi file. Also includes a video of the song being played on a pipe organ.
Dance of the Sugar Plum Princess – This is too cool. It is played using bicycle parts!! – The Nutcracker Suite

Find the Nutcracker – The original page doesn’t work, but the Archive has a few of the pictures. These are a lot of fun, especially if your kids enjoy I Spy’s.
Tip: Hold down the ctrl key and press the + key to make it bigger. Print it out if you do not want your kids straining their eyes on the computer.
Some other activities to do while studying about the Nutcracker.



As I was reading The Nutcracker and The Mouse King In Verse, which is included in the download, I came upon some words I did not know what the meaning was, like murther. So here is a list of words I think some kids might ask, 'What does ___ mean?'. Most, if not all, are taken from Webster's 1828 Dictionary.

murther – murder
maiden – an unmarried girl or woman
dismay – to affright or terrify
vain – empty, worthless
mend – to repair, to correct
vengeance – The infliction (to apply) of pain on another, in return for an injury or offense.
alter – to change, to make different
fate -  event predetermined, destiny
caressed – Treated or embraced with affection.
weary – tired, fatigued
herald – to introduce
hearth – a fireplace
gleam – to shine, to cast light
carillon – A little bell. Also, a simple air in music, adapted to the performance of small bells or clocks.
traversed - To travel or pass across, over, or through.  To move to and fro over; cross and re-cross.
tattoo – A beat of drum at night, giving notice to soldiers to retreat, or to repair to their quarters in garrison, or to their tents in camp.
wainscot – In building, timber-work serving to line the walls of a room, being made in panels.
quell – To crush, to subdue, to cause to cease.
valor, valiant – courage, bravery
martial – pertaining to war
wince – to shriek, as from a blow or from pain
stagger – to move to one side and the other in standing or walking.
gambolled – a skipping or leaping about in frolic
sweetmeats – Fruit preserved with sugar; as peaches, pears, melons, nuts, orange peel and the like.
placid – gentle, quiet, undisturbed
stolidly – dullness of intellect, stupidity
meandered – to wind or turn in a course or passage
barcarolle – a folk song sung by venetian gondoliers, or a piece of music composed in that style.
ardor – warmth, or heat, applied to the passions and affections
reign – to rule


Watch The Nutcracker

Grab some popcorn or the goodie of your choice and enjoy!

When the kids were younger, we really enjoyed watching Barbie in The Nutcracker.

You can watch the movie and compare it with the Nutcracker and Mouse King and The Tale of the Nutcracker (Penguin Classics). There is a venn diagram in the download to compare the two.

This will be a good time, as with any other Disney movie, to tell of the importance of reading the original fairy tales instead of taking Disney at its word.

Nothing wrong with the Disney movie, but I think the kids should at least have the chance of hearing or reading the stories the way the author has written them.


Here are More Nutcracker Movies for you to choose from.

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Simply Put: A Study in Economics

Economics is one area that I feel a little inadequate in. Before reading Simply Put: A Study in Economics, I really didn't know what all economics entailed. Now I have an idea and I look forward on expanding on that.

I have no recollection of what was taught in my high school economics class. So, when the opportunity came up to review Simply Put: A Study in Economics, I jumped on it.

Having two students in junior high who are inquisitive about the world around them also added to my enthusiasm when this book came up for review. I want to be able to answer their questions as well as to have meaningful discussions with them.

Once I received it, I began reading it immediately. I planned on using it with the kids right off, but after reading the first few lessons on my own, I decided to continue reading the whole book before we read it together.

I am glad I did. I had so much fun reading and I was happy to find that a lot of Catherine's references and book recommendations were already on our book list from the Robinson Curriculum, so they were readily available.

A few books she recommends are:

 Economic Books

Catherine Jaime, the author, has made the task of learning economics fairly simple and easy to understand. The suggestions she gives to further your learning are invaluable.

She offers websites such as which has a boatload of information on economics and also recommends for a few DVD titles.

One great aspect of the book that many will appreciate is that the lessons are short. There is just enough information in each lesson not to make your head spin.

Simply Put Economics

pg51 ...governments should exist to protect us from plunder, not to legalize plunder! -Catherine Jaime

There are 36 short lessons and questions to go along which is a great way to review what is learned.

Lessons include topics on:

  • The role of prices - This is where most of my economic understanding was encapsulated, and it is only lesson two! I really didn't know how broad this subject was and I am a little embarrassed to admit that.
  • Elasticity of demand
  • Standard of living - I liked how this chapter clarified the standard of living with true wealth; most confuse money for wealth. You'll have to read it to find out more.
  • Division of Labor
  • Capitalism vs. socialism/communism
  • What’s fair?
  • Competition vs. monopolies
  • Minimum wages - Catherine recommends an article which I found to be enlightening. Why? Because it really opened my eyes as to the importance of putting a value on skills individually and not as a whole. It explained what my heart already knew and therefore confirmed that position by giving reasons as to why this position is best.
  • Too big to fail?
  • and more...

Included also are midterm and final exams, an appendix and a glossary.

You will find the answers to the midterm and final exam questions in the teacher's key along with an economics game.

Simply Put: A Study in Economics is equivalent to a half-credit in high school economics.

Simply Put Economics Questions
p72 While it is the duty of the citizens to support the government, it is not the duty of the government to support the citizens. - President Cleveland

When it was time to read this with the kids, I opted to read it first thing in the morning before their regular studies. I read the lesson and I have them answer the questions orally. We discuss the topic and I answer any questions that they might have, letting them know that I am learning right beside them.

I have found that what is going on in today's world makes it easy to give real-life examples. It is amazing how we still refuse to learn from the past. Needless to say, this was also a great way to reiterate the importance of learning world history. Did you know the Pilgrims tried communism? Me neither!

As stated earlier, Catherine gave resources to encourage you to dig deeper. When we come to a lesson with one of these footnotes, we stop to watch a video or read an article.

When doing this course, please do not omit the video and article recommendations. They help to cement what was taught in the lesson. They really do add value.

Economics Articles
p59 If an individual took our money against our will, we would call it stealing, but when the government takes it by force, they call it taxes. - Catherine Jaime

Simply Put: A Study in Economics has definitely given me that push that I needed to learn more about economics. I plan on reading the works of Bastiat, Hazlitt, Sowell and others.

Where to Buy Simply Put: A Study in Economics

You can find Simply Put: A Study in Economics at:

  • Amazon in paperback for $17.55
  • or for your Kindle for $6.99
  • and at Currclick as a download for $6.99 $2.10 until Dec. 8th for Cyber Monday Week.

The teacher's key can be found at:

All prices are current at the time of posting.


A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have. - President Ford


Now For The Giveaway

Catherine has allowed me to give a digital copy (pdf) of both the student book and the teacher key for Simply Put: A Study in Economics. Enter below.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Another Giveaway? Yes, a Mega Giveaway!

This is a fantastic giveaway. Not only are you getting Simply Put: A Study in Economics, but you will also receive every title from Catherine Jaime. Wow! And, on top of that you will also receive a 3-month subscription to A+Tutorsoft in the grade level of your choice. The total retail value for this giveaway is $325+!

Here is a full list of the digital ebooks the winner will receive!

     Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Click Here to read what others thought of Simply Put: A Study in Economics by Catherine Jaime.


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Sometimes I take for granted the fact that we are homeschooling. It is just a normal way of life for us.

But for many, it isn't.

And when I read about the struggles of families such as the Romeike family, THEN I remember to take a moment to be thankful for the freedom to homeschool.

Although it is our right as parents, a God-given right in fact, we could be homeschooling with persecution at our door or in hiding.

So, I am taking this time to say Thank you to God and country for the opportunity to homeschool my precious children.

And I continue to pray for this freedom that we have.

I am thankful for homeschooling because it allows us to be our children's sole teacher. I know there are and will be many teachers in their life, but my husband and I will be their first and sole teachers.

I am thankful that we can choose what to teach the kids and when. They aren't at the mercy of grade levels.

I am thankful that we can work on their weaknesses and build on their strengths.

I am thankful that we are able to instill our values and principles in them. As a family, what we believe is important to us. We believe parents have that right to teach their children morals, character, and love of country how they see fit.

I am thankful for Christian companies that put God first and whose purpose it is to strengthen and encourage homeschooling families.

This thankful list can go on and on...


Homeschool Enrichment Magazine Subscription One year subscriptions are on sale now for Homeschool Enrichment Magazine. This is a great deal for a homeschool magazine that will encourage you as you homeschool. It will also make a great gift. 😉

So, why are YOU thankful for homeschooling?


The Mother's Prayer

"I come to thee, O Lord, for strength and patience
           To do thy will.
Help me, O Father, in this world of duty
           My place to fill.
I may not go and labor in the vineyard
           Where through long hours
Brave men and women toil, and from thy presses
           The red wine pours.

"I may not in the woods and in the mountains
           Seek thy lost sheep;
At home a tender little flock of lambkins
           'Tis mine to keep.
Thou givest us, thy servants, each his life-work.
           No trumpet tone
Shall tell the nation in triumphant pealing
           How mine was done.

"But 'twill be much if when the task is ended,
           Through grace from Thee
I give thee back unharmed the precious treasures
           Thou gavest me."

— Selected



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A Young Man After God's Own Heart

Donnie has begun reading the book, A Young Man After God's Own Heart by Jim George, during his Bible study time in the morning. Together, We go over the questions which is a great time to spend just him and me in God's Word.

Well, you know is SO much easier to write on notebooking paper than in the book, so I set out to transfer the questions onto paper.

Now, I would like to share them with those who will be or are using the book.

A Young Man After God's Own Heart Study Questions


Jim and Elizabeth George are two of my favorite authors. I love reading their books and now through Jim's boy and young man books, I can pass this wonderful author on to my son.

A Boy After Gods Own Heart: Your Awesome Adventure with Jesus A Boy After Gods Own Heart

A Young Man After Gods Own Heart: Turn Your Life into an Extreme Adventure A Young Man After Gods Own Heart

A Man After Gods Own Heart: Devoting Your Life to What Really Matters A Man After Gods Own Heart


The Way Back Machine

Have you ever bookmarked a page from a website only to find months or years later that it is no longer available?

It has simply been removed from cyber world for one reason or another!

Albright News
Screen shot of a website I use to own.

What would you say if I were to tell you that you could most likely visit it again; go into the past so to speak?

Well, a handy site to bookmark, hoping it doesn't disappear :), is On this site is a handy tool called 'The Way Back Machine.'

Sounds sorta like a time machine right?


How Does It Work?
I will use my old website which is no longer active or online as an example.

When you arrive at, you will see this. The image is shown with my old url.
Way Back Machine at

Click Browse History. When you see this next image, choose how far you want to go back. I'll choose 2008.
Way Back Machine

Once you click the year, a calendar for the year will show up. If the site was crawled, it will be highlighted with a blue circle.
Way Back Machine

Click on any blue circle and wa-la, you see the page from way back! Or not so back depending on the date you choose. 😉

Now mind you, printables and sometimes images will not be functionable, but if it is content you are after, that will be there.

Albright News Way Back
The images on the archive of Albright News aren't showing and my downloads are not funtionable.
Random Site
This page is no longer what it was a few years back when I used it for reference. But, has it captured, so I can still utilize it.

Also, this might not work for all sites, especially those using java script, such as game sites, but for information purposes, it is great.

Enjoy your trip into cyber world time!


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