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Free Easter Lapbook and Study-Includes the Bible story of Jesus' death and resurrection, lapbooking components, questions, and copywork.

This was originally an Easter Lapbook I had on Albright News, but I made some changes.

Sadly, my kids aren't much for lapbooks, so I decided to make it more workbookish for them. The discussion questions are now to be answered in writing and I added copywork.

But, it all can still be done discussion style too with your kids filling out the lapbook components. When it is all done, they will have a way to retell the story visually as a lapbook.

You can tape or glue the lapbook components onto the file folder or cardstock as you go, or save them in a zippy bag or folder until the last week and then assemble your lapbook.

Each part includes:

  • The story of the Resurrection told by Aunt Charlotte
  • Questions after each selection
  • Copywork of verses (can also be used for memory verses)
  • Lapbook

Part 1

Easter Lapbook

Part 1 Includes:

  • The Passover
  • The Passover and Easter Day
  • Jesus the King
  • Cleansing the Temple and the Last Supper

Download Easter Lapbook Part 1

Part 2

Easter Lapbook

Part 2 Includes:

  • The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus
  • The trial of Jesus by the Jews
  • Jesus Before Pilate’s Court
  • The Crucifixion of Jesus

Download Easter Lapbook Part 2

Part 3

Easter Lapbook

Part 3 Includes:

  • The Burial of Jesus
  • The Resurrection of Jesus
  • Jesus Ascends to Heaven
  • The Comforter Sent to Take Jesus' Place
  • Jesus is Coming Again!
  • The Crucifixion of Jesus

Download Easter Lapbook Part 3

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Resurrection Eggs

Resurrection Eggs 12-Piece Easter Egg Set with Religious Figurines Inside

  • 12 Colorful Resurrection Eggs for Easter Morning Hiding
  • Each Plastic Egg Has A Religious Figurine Inside Symbolizing Parts Of Jesus' Journey
  • Carton Also Includes Booklet In English And Spanish Featuring Stories That Explain Each Figurine
  • The Perfect Easter Gift For Kids Of All Ages
  • Taken Together, These Eggs Tell The Full Story of Easter


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Notebooking Pages, links, and coloring sheets




This week, I have the next set of state and capital cards. I added the state abbreviations to this one. When I was having the kids fill in the map, I noticed them writing out the whole state name. I was thinking they would just write the abbreviation. Duh! lol! I didn't have them learn the abbreviation! 🙂 So, this week I added them.

These are great to be used as:

  • flashcards - show the student the name of the capital and have him supply the state, and vice-versa.
  • memory - just like you would play the game of memory with your littles, the older children can play memory too, uncovering the state and capital as a match.
  • matching - side by side matching going through the pile.

*Remember, these are only available until Monday!!

Download Expired.



With the kids into dragons because of the movie, How To Train Your Dragon, I bought this book from Answers In Genesis. When it arrived, I could only say WOW!!! It is absolutely gorgeous and VERY informative. We love it.

Here are some pictures.

Dragon Book

Dragon Book

It has these neat-o pockets throughout the book.

Dragon Book

There are books within the book! All full of information.

Dragon Book

Dragon Book

Cute windows. 🙂

Dragon Book

Dragon Book

Isn't this picture just beautiful?

Dragon Book

It has a nice Question and Answer section.

Dragon Book

Another gorgeous picture. You will find pictures like these throughout the book.

I was very impressed with the book. It was well worth the $14 I paid for it.





I don't know what week we are on! I guess I should take out a calendar and find out. But, I do know what day we are on as Georgia requires us to send in monthly attendance reports until we have reached 180 days. As of today, March 16th, we are on day 136.

For Math:

This week, MaryEllen used her FREE day for finishing her math book, she is using it today in fact.

To help with them rechecking their math and as a reward for 100%'s, I told them if they get three in a row, they can have a FREE subject. But, they cannot use no more than 3 in a month.

Donnie, got 3 100%'s this week, so guess which subject he chose not to do today?  Math of course!!

For Bible:

MaryEllen is doing, Jesus in the Spotlight. This is a study on the book of John chapters 1-10.

Donnie is almost finished with Lord Teach Me To Pray - For Kids.

Jeus in the Spotlight - Kay Arthur Lord Teach Me To Pray For Kids

MaryEllen's Bible Study

Bible Study

Donnies' Bible Study

Bible Study

For Writing

Donnie continued to do his copywork. He copied Psalm 4 and a short poem. He still needs direction on spacing.


MaryEllen is continuing with her Writing Course. I put up a sample of her work yesterday.

Our States

They both took their South Region State Test and they both got 100%. 🙂

States Test

States Test


They both took a vocabulary test this week. Donnie took Vocab #9 test and MaryEllen took Vocab #13. They both got 100%.



MaryEllen finished Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. She is now reading Teddy's Button.


Donnie finished his Tiger and Tom. 🙂 He is reading Aurie's Wooden Leg.

All in all, the kids did very well this week.




Here is an exercise MaryEllen did for The Writing Course. This will be her second time through, which she began a few weeks ago.

The Writing Course

The Writing Course


By MaryEllen Albright

We have two cats living under our trailer. We named them Joey and Sunbeam. When I say we, I mean my brother and I. Mom likes them enough to let us feed them. Dad likes them a little, I think. We like them a lot.

We are not sure if Joey is really a girl or not, we are not sure about sunbeam either.

Joey is mostly black with some brown here and there. His belly and paws are white. There's a ring of white that goes almost fully around his neck. Sunbeam is gray and has some yellow here and there. His face is all yellow with a little gray maybe. His belly and paws are white.

Cat Food

The first thing we fed them was some sandwich cheese, they liked it. I tried giving them some of my apple, they sniffed it, but didn't eat it. The next thing we fed them was some old hot dogs. They didn't get sick afterwards. Next, we fed them bread. At first Joey didn't eat it, only Sunbeam did. But next time we fed them bread, Joey ate it too. We also tried animal crackers, but I think the crackers were too sweet for them. Finally, we bought some cat food. Now we feed them that and they like it. On one of Dad's days off, he grills some steak and we give the cats the fatty parts and the gristle, they like that. Of course we didn't feed them everything at the same time.

Sometimes we would see Joey hit Sunbeam. Joey looks cute, but he is hitting Sunbeam, so he wasn't being very nice.

Sunbeam and Joey won't let us touch them. Plus Mom and Dad don't want us to pet them.

Even though they are stray cats, we don't want them to starve, even Dad doesn't think we should let them go hungry. I think Mom might agree. So, they let us give them food and water.

Only one problem, we might have to sell the trailer, and if we do, the new people will have two stray cats who would expect food when they go outside.






I am so thrilled to be offering Primary Language Lessons in workbook format. Part 1 is the 2nd grade portion. It includes lessons on:

  • Narration
  • Dictation
  • Composition
  • Letter Writing
  • Simple Grammar Lessons
  • Picture Study
  • Conversation Lessons
  • Observation Lessons

All of these are presented in a gentle, Charlotte Mason style. The goal of Emma Serl's book is to have the children learn to speak properly.

Changes I made to Primary Language Lessons:

  • I added a glossary
  • I added vocabulary to go with the new glossary
  • I added teacher helps for the grammar lessons (great if using with an older child)
  • I added a resource list
  • I added lines so the student can write directly in the book.
  • Dictation sheets are provided in the Appendix
  • Updated a few terms
  • Updated the Letter Writing Lessons

Take A Look

[sdm_download id="910" fancy="0" color="black" button_text="View PLL Part 1 Sample"]





State Cards

The kids are learning their states and capitals beginning with the southern states...since we are in Georgia.

These cards can be printed on card stock or regular paper.

The kids match up the state with the capital. They can also be used as flash cards.

I included in the download a map of the southern states so they can learn their positions also.

There is also a list of the state and its capital.


State Cards State Cards

The kids enjoyed the challenge of matching them up.

I plan on doing this with all regions, so stay tuned. 🙂

*Remember, these are only available until Monday.

Download Expired


Here are a few samples of the kids work for this week.

Vocab 12MaryEllen finished vocabulary list 12. We have the kids do the vocabulary in order, and not by book. They take an average of 10 words a week. They study the words and do word finds and crosswords and then when they are ready, they take the quiz. I use this sheet for the quiz. It says, 'Matching Game,' but I keep it out of their packet and give it to them when they are ready to test.

Here is Donnie's.

Vocab 8They both have been doing real well with their vocabulary. They go at their own pace. Usually, they will do a list every 2 weeks unless it is a short one like Lesson 8, which they both did in a week.

Book ReportMaryEllen finished Summer of the Lost Limb last week, so she wrote a short summary. She is now reading Alice In Wonderland.

Alice In WonderlandHere is MaryEllen's current read, Alice In Wonderland. She also reads the Bible (currently Leviticus). She reads for an hour and a half with the other half for vocabulary study. This is her assigned reading. I have the books I want her to read in a basket, and she chooses which book she will read, so there is no particular order.

Tiger and TomDonnie reads a story from Tiger and Tom along with his Bible (Exodus currently) and he just finished Winter's Folly. He, too, has a basket of books.

Winter's FollyDonnie just finished this book on Tuesday. Now he can pick another book from his basket.

Donn'es CopyworkDonnie is doing copywork right now to work on his neatness, spacing and bringing tails under the line. He has come a long way and I am proud of his accomplishments. I was having him do Intermediate Language Lessons, but I decided to stop and concentrate on copywork. He will do similar sheets each week until August. Then I will determine if he could begin The Writing Course.

This week, he is copying Psalms 1, a short poem and the first stanza of the hymn, What a Friend We Have in Jesus. Each week I will make up something similar, gradually making them longer. (I am making these available to my newsletter subscribers in the download area. If you aren't a subscriber, you can be by joining using the form at the top of this web page. )

I forgot to take a picture of MaryEllen's writing assignments from The Writing Course. 🙁 She watches a video every 2-3 lessons and then writes.

They both have continued to do well in their math. MaryEllen is doing great in Saxon76 and Donnie in Saxon 65.

That is pretty much it for their academics.

MaryEllen is beginning her typing which we planned for her to do 3x a week.


Make it a great week,

This week, I have some St. Patrick's Day Notebooking Pages for you all. These are only in ruled lines. 23 pages in all!!

I had fun making these. 🙂 They can be used for journaling about your green day, or writing a little about the holiday. They can also be used as stationary to write letters. I hope you find them useful.

 St. Patrick's Day Notebooking Pages

St. Patricks Day Notebooking Pages


St. Patrick's Day Links

Here is a website with lots of links.

St. Patrick's Day Lapbook

St. Patrick's Day Lapbook

Another St. Patrick's Day Lapbook scroll down for link.

St. Patrick's Day in the Morning Unit Study

Shamrock Pattern

Who Was St. Patrick? - Bio with questions for the student to answer.

File Folder Game

Lots of St. Patrick's Day Printables

Here are some St. Patrick's Day Recipes from Taste of Home.

More Recipes from Betty Crocker.



Clipart used ©Lisa at




Memorizing lessons can be done over any number of days. You can continue on with the next lessons as you work on memorizing the poem.

It might be best to memorize it in bite size pieces, maybe four lines at a time. When continuing on with the next four lines, include the previous ones learned.

If I Knew

"If I knew the box where smiles were kept,
No matter how large the key
Or strong the bolt, I would try so hard,
'Twould open, I know, for me.
Then over the land and the sea, broadcast,
I'd scatter the smiles to play.
That the children's faces might hold them fast
For many and many a day.

"If I knew a box that was large enough
To hold all the frowns I meet,
I would like to gather them, every one,
From nursery, school and street,
Then folding and holding I'd pack them in.
And turning the monster key,
I'd hire a giant to drop the box
To the depth of the deep, deep sea."

                                                   —Maud Wyman

I made this into copywork for extra help.

If I Knew Poem Copywork