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It has been a while! My Thanksgiving page has been out of order for a long time, so I am finally finding time to fix it. Below are the notebooking pages. Further down, you will find links to my other Thanksgiving related pages.

Maude M. Grant

The Pilgrims were good people.
They lived in England.
The Pilgrims liked to go to church.
Their king was not kind to them.
He would not let them go to their own church.
So they left England and went to Holland.

The Pilgrims lived in Holland.
They lived there for twelve years.
They saw the wind-mills. .
The wind-mills grind the corn.
The wind-mills pump the water.
The Dutch people live in Holland.
The Dutch boys and girls wear wooden shoes.
The Dutch people were kind to the Pilgrims.

The Pilgrims did not wish to live in Holland always.
They wanted a land of their own.
So they sailed across the sea.
The name of their boat was the Mayflower.
It was not a large boat.
The great green waves tossed the Mayflower about.
The Pilgrims sailed a long time over the sea.

The Pilgrims landed at Plymouth.
It was winter and very cold.
There were no houses.
The Pilgrims went into the woods.
They cut down trees and made log houses.
They made a church and a schoolhouse.

The Pilgrims met the Indians.
The Indians were kind to them.
They taught them how to hunt.
They taught them how to fish.
The Indians gave corn to the Pilgrims.
They showed them how to make corn bread.

The Pilgrims had to work very hard.
The winter was very long and cold.
The Pilgrims lived in log houses.
These houses were not warm.
Food was very scarce.
Sometimes the Pilgrims did not have enough to eat.

After awhile the Pilgrims did not have so hard a time.
Their corn and vegetables grew and they had a fine harvest.
They caught wild turkeys in the woods.
Soon their barns were full.
They said, "Let us have a day of Thanskgiving.
Let us thank God for His blessings."
So they had the first Thanksgiving Day.

Download Thanksgiving Notebooking Pages

Pilgrim Notebooking PagesDownload Pilgrim Notebooking Pages

I also have:
a Squanto Lapbook.
a Thanksgiving Poem and Copywork
a Poem and Picture Study of "The Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers".

Cynce's Place


Hey everyone! It has been a long while.

Today I wanted to share MaryEllen's entry for the Doodle4Google Contest. She wasn't one of the chosen, but I am too proud not to share. πŸ™‚

She has begun to use the computer with her drawing. We finally set her up with her own desk and computer. She did this all digitally, one of her first projects.

Doodle4Google Entry

Here is a snippet from what she wrote on the entry form. "Drawing is something that I love to do, and I basically taught myself how. I also like to read fantasy and sci-fi books."

I think she did an excellent job. I am encouraging her to start her own blog, maybe as a summer project.

Hope y'all are doing fine. I will post again soon.



Lymphatic and Immune System Notebooking Pages
Wow, it has been ten months since I blogged last. I am peeking in today to put up another set of notebooking pages that I have sitting on my hard drive. I believe I have two more sets after this to put up.

This set is for the lymphatic and immune systems. If using Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology, this would be for chapter 13.

Download Lymphatic and Immune System Notebooking Pages

Video - Lymphatic System

Video- Immune System



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ILL Part 3 Resource List

Lesson 7 – The Gleaners
Information on Millet
A more thorough picture study

Lesson 12, 30, 48 – Debate
Debate Sheet PDF

Lesson 18 – Michael Angelo
MaryEllen’s writing on David Website

Lesson 22 – Down To Sleep
Author Bio on Helen Hunt Website
Down to Sleep - Full Poem Website

Lesson 25 - Coal
Coal Mining Website
Coal Website
Coal areas in the USA Website

Lesson 27 – Electricity
Early Electricity Website – might or might not help with the lesson, but I found it interesting on the progression of lighting in the home.

Lesson 28 – Railway Train
How Steam Trains Work Website with short video

Lesson 33 – Railroads
Amtrak Wikipedia Website

Lesson 34 – The Breaking Wave
Additional ocean poems Website

Lesson 38 – Bird’s Nests
All About Birds Website

Lesson 40 – Biography of an Oriole
Information on the Boston Oriole Website

Lesson 49 – The Horse Fair
Bio of Rosa Bonheur Website
About the picture Website

Lesson 51 – Composition
Ten Tips For Taking Care of Your Dog Website

Lesson 72 – Samuel Morse
History of the Telegraph Website
Telegram Passes Into History Website
Samuel Morse The Telegraph Video

Lesson 73 – Telegrams
Morse Code Machine Website

Lesson 79 – The Flag Goes By
Meaning of the flag Website (includes more thoughtful questions)
Henry H. Bennett biography Website

Lesson 81 – The Soldier
Uniforms of the USA Armed Forces Website
Army Officer Ranks Website

Lesson 82 – A Man Without A Country
A Man Without A Country by Edward Everett Hale

Lesson 84 – The Flag
American Flag Lapbook – Free on my website, Cynce’s Place

Lesson 85 – Conversation
Governor’s Duties Website

Lesson 87 – Columbus Poem
Short bio on Joaquin Miller Website

Lesson 92 – Letter Writing
Business Letter Styles Website

Lesson 96 – Daffodils
Short Bio on William Wordsworth Website

Lesson 99
Author bio and insight on the poem.

Lesson 101 – Conversation
Aesop Fables Website

Lesson 105 – Selection For Study
Read the full poem Website
Where Does Our Trash Go Video




Flag day is coming up as is the Fourth of July. There are many days we fly the flag including Memorial Day and Veterans Day. I made this a while back, but haven't added it to the website since I changed over four years ago. My how time flies!! This set includes: *a text with all the information to fill out the lapbook components *the history of the flag *the meaning of the stars and stripes *the meaning of the colors red, white and blue *the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance *flag etiquette *saluting the flag *the meaning of the flag *and more...

American Flag Lapbook

Flag day is coming up as is the Fourth of July. There are many days we fly the flag including Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

I made this a while back, but haven't added it to the website since I changed over four years ago. My how time flies!!

This set includes:

  • a text with all the information to fill out the lapbook components
  • the history of the flag
  • the meaning of the stars and stripes
  • the meaning of the colors red, white and blue
  • the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance
  • flag etiquette
  • saluting the flag
  • the meaning of the flag
  • and more...

Download American Flag Lapbook

The lapbook is in color, I just didn't have a color printer when I made this demo lapbook. πŸ™‚American Flag Lapbook


American Flag Lapbook


American Flag LapbookI hope you enjoy learning and putting this American Flag Lapbook together.







Seasonal Skirts
I joined a group of ladies to share what we wear during the seasons, skirt or dress-wise. This blog hop is hosted by Dusty at To The Moon and Back.

I wear skirts most of the time with the exception of a comfy pair of sweats when I feel like lounging around the house.

My decision to wear mainly skirts was more of a personal decision than a religious one. During the last seven years, I have found them to be quite comfortable and I now prefer them over pants. I never did like how I looked in jeans and especially slacks. I don't have much of a backside, so pants just hung.

Skirts actually add to my figure and I don't have to be self-conscious of my rear.

I also chose to switch from short skorts to longer skirts when it hit me that I am the example of what a women should look like for my daughter. And not only my daughter, but my son also. Ouch! Out went the short shorts and skorts.

Here are a few outfits I wore the last few months. The day I wrote this post, 04-19-14, it is still chilly outside, so long sleeve shirts or sweaters are still in. I *think* the chilly season is at a close though. Yay!

Spring Skirt

Don, my husband, likes me in collar shirts. I have this shirt in a few colors. My wardrobe is fairly simple.

Spring Skirt

Jean skirts are my thing! They are so easy to dress up or down. They are also comfortable. During the late fall, all winter and into spring, I wear mostly jean skirts. They are heavier which keeps me warmer.

MaryEllen wears leggings under her skirts to stay warm, something I haven't tried yet but should.

Spring Skirt

Trying to make this fun. I am not much for taking pictures of myself. Being part of the Seasonal Skirts group definitely is not easy because of that, but fun nonetheless.

Sorry about the blurry picture. Not sure what happened.


We had a few 'teaser' days when it was just beautiful outside, reaching into the 80's. But, they only lasted a few days. I am so waiting for summer.

Spring Skirt

Argh! These pictures came out a little fuzzy, but they will do.

I don't tuck my shirts in my skirts (hey it rhymes) because I am tall and it just looks weird. Because of my long legs, I need my torso to look balanced. Tucking in my shirt will make my torso too short.

That is one thing I hated about the work world when I had to wear uniforms, slacks and a shirt tucked in. Yuck! Glad those days are over.

Spring Skirt

Spring Skirt

To stay warm around the house, I will wear a thin sweater over my blouse. It allows me to easily shed it if I get too hot or add it if I get too cold. I don't like stuffy houses, so I like the windows or front door open even though it is cold out, at least for a little while.

This is our land line phone for when the electricity goes out and our wireless phones stop working.

Spring Skirt

I just noticed I didn't do any back shots. Oops! Maybe next time.

That is pretty much my dress for this season. Hopefully next month it will warm up a little more.

ThisΒ is where I get my jean skirts. They send out coupon codes often when you sign up for their newsletter.

Visit my fellow bloggers as they too blog about seasonal skirts.

Dusty at To the Moon and Back
Erin at For Him and My Family
Laura at Raising Soldiers 4 Christ
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Annette at In All You Do

If you wear mostly skirts and have blogged about it, let us know by adding the link to your post below in the linky. We would love to visit you.

angel Sig

Integumentary System Notebooking Pages

Believe it or not, I still have a few more anatomy notebooking sets that I haven't shared. The integumentary system is one of them. Again, I created these to to along with Exploring Creation with Anatomy.

Here are some questions, taken from an old book, to think about as you do your study on the integumentary system.

  1. Give a brief description of the skin.
  2. What is its structure?
  3. How does the skin protect the body?
  4. What is the structure of the epidermis?
  5. What causes a blister?
  6. What gives the skin its color?
  7. How are the nails formed? The hair?
  8. What are the uses of the hair and nails? How do they grow?
  9. How does the cuticle protect the cutis?
  10. Describe the perspiratory glands.
  11. Of what use is perspiration?
  12. How do we take cold, and what can be done to prevent it?
  13. What can you say of the nerves of the skin?
  14. Why is bathing necessary?



1. The hair, nails, and bits of cuticle and scarf-skin may be examined with a microscope.

2. A magnifying-glass should be used in the examination of the skin itself.
The perspiration-pores may be best seen in the palms of the hands.

Download Integumentary Notebooking Pages


For older students you might enjoy this lecture. Time: 01:03:05

The lecture material (notes and handouts) can be found here.




MaryEllen and Donnie are always making paper dolls of their favorite characters. I have meant time and again to share some of their creations, but just haven't got around to it.

The other day, yesterday in fact, I noticed this new one. I asked about it and was told that MaryEllen had just made it the day before. I loved the doll's accessories and decided to finally share.

I am told this is Artemis from the Young Justice series. I am not sure exactly what this series is about besides fighting bad guys.

Artemis Paper Doll

The kids draw and color the doll. After they apply packing tape and then they cut them out.

Artemis Paper Doll

The detail is what I was most impressed with and the cute accessories, the bow and arrows that fit into the quiver.

Artemis Paper Doll

They originally began creating these paper dolls when they wanted to buy the toy, but didn't have the money or didn't want to spend the money. They take a lot of time and they don't just make one, they make the whole gang.

I think they are working on the Young Justice series right now, but they have done the entire clan of How To Train Your Dragon, including the dragons, and The X-Men.




A relaxing week with one of my favorite magazines and puzzles. A little sickness crept in, but thankfully it was only for a few days.

Let's Click 365 Days

This week we had a little sickness creep in. MaryEllen felt under the weather with chills, a temperature and throwing up. It began Monday while running errands. We headed home early so that she can be more comfortable. Tuesday she was ill all day.

{Sunday, March 2nd}

This was a relaxing day. My Homeschool Enrichment magazine came in a few days prior, so I was able to sit down and read the March/April issue.

If you haven't yet subscribed to a homeschooling magazine, you should try HomeschoolEnrichment. You can see their digital copy online. You will need to sign up to their website to view it.

Homeschool Enrichment Magazine

{Monday, March 3rd}

I love puzzles! Sudoku is one of my favorites. My grandma actually got me into puzzles. When I lived with her, she would spend her evenings doing puzzles, even while watching TV.

Don thought of me when he found this electronic Sudoku on clearance for $5 at Staples. It is pretty nifty! He will usually bring home small books of Sudoku or crossword puzzles for me. I enjoy doing them before bed if I am not in the mood to read. They come in handy during doctor visits or any other place where you have to wait.


{Tuesday, March 4th}

This is the day MaryEllen wasn't feeling well. She was feeling a little sore in her throat when she woke up, so I made her some tea with ginger and garlic. This tea is actually pretty good. I put the tea in her mug that features her kitten, Little Miss. We don't have her any more, just her memory.

She is feeling all better now, but her appetite still has not recovered fully.

Sore Throat Tea

{Thursday, March 6th}

Sundance's excitement for the day was a beagle. We do not know where he came from, he just showed up in the neighborhood this week. She would run from window to window following him. She looked so cute. The beagle did not even know he was being watched.

Sundance watching  a Beagle

(He looked when the flash went off. Busted!)

Sundance watching a Beagle

{Friday, March 7th}

My head is spinning with thinking of high school next year. My planning should be done, and I thought it was, but I once again am thinking. Maybe I am thinking too much. πŸ˜‰

I've read Lee Binz's book on transcripts and am now reading her other one on college preparation. They are great books and I recommend them both.

My Arts of Language catalog came in from Excellence in Writing, so I am now planning a few courses from there.

High School Planning

{Saturday, March 8th}

Chocolate! Who doesn't like chocolate. I've been thinking of my mom a lot lately. It is hard to believe this month it has been FIFTEEN years since I last sat and had a cup of tea or coffee with her.

I bumped into this recipe for Eskimo Cookies in my recipe box, and like a lot of things lately, it reminded me of her. I had copied it from her recipe box after she died.Β  My dad let me go through her recipes and I copied (or kept) a few. This was one of them. It was a favorite when we were still at home.

Eskimo Cookies

I hope y'all had a great week.



Cynces Place Disclosure Policy

Let's Click 365 Days

I cannot believe we are entering March! Anyone else ready for spring?

{Sunday, February 23rd}

The kids took Sundance a bath. They tell me she is getting better at tolerating her baths. MaryEllen wrote a nice paper on how to take a cat a bath for writing this week. If she allows me, I should post it. I enjoy reading her writing.

They gave her treats for being such a good sport and to keep her still so MaryEllen could brush her.

Sundance Bath

Sundance Bath

The neighbor girl, we'll call her Alex, had a birthday on Valentines day, so the kids got together a box of goodies for her. MaryEllen's wardrobe consists of mostly t-shirts that she decorates with iron-ons of her drawings. Alex asked if she could make her one, so MaryEllen made one up for her birthday.

When the kids gave her the gift, she was SO excited. She ran home to show her dad and nana (I am guessing as they are the only two there). Later her dad came by to thank the kids. I thought that was nice.

Birthday Gifts

{Monday, February 24th}

Don was off Monday. He and Donnie took the Marietta trip alone because he had to repair his sister's porch. It was a long day for both of them.

MaryEllen and I stayed home and enjoyed a game of Scrabble. We didn't play for points, just word building. πŸ™‚ It is a game we both enjoy.

Playing Scrabble

{Tuesday, February 25th}

We had Alex over for a little while on Tuesday. She was telling us how she wished she had a Bible to take to church with her, so MaryEllen thoughtfully gave her one of hers. For Christmas, the kids got new Bibles. I wanted them to have more of a study Bible. MaryEllen said she had thought about what to do with her old Bible. The Lord opened up the perfect opportunity and I am proud of MaryEllen for blessing Alex. Alex was SO excited. I snapped this picture for MaryEllen so that she will remember to whom she gave her Bible and how happy she made this young girl.

MaryEllen noted that you never know where it will lead. πŸ™‚

I wish I could post Alex's smile as it is a beautiful one as well as a super happy one, but since I didn't get permission from her parents, I cropped the picture.

Bible Gifting

Our family movie for Tuesday night was Thor: The Dark World. We watched this movie when it came out in theaters in December, but it was still like watching it for the first time. I am sure the kids remembered more of it than I did, them being young and all.

The kids were super excited that we purchased this while out running errands on Tuesday. It was an enjoyable movie with lots of action.

Family Movie Night: Thor

{Wednesday, February 26th}

The day was drawing to a close and I hadn't snapped a picture yet. Donnie was posing his action figures on the dining table. I was in my room thinking of what I should take a picture of when it hit me. Donnie had just posed his action figures neatly on the dining table...why not? I went to take a picture and I found them all knocked down. He had used his figures as target practice, using one of the shooting thingys from one of the figures arsenal.

I told him I had come to take a picture and so he offered to pose them once again.

Super Heroe Toys

Avengers Toys

Iron Man Toy

Iron Man Toy - Tony Stark

He will sometimes drill me on these characters to see if I know them all. I get more confused with the Transformers...they all look alike. One time I told him, I'll name them when you can name the twelve disciples. He can name the twelve disciples, but I still can't name them all. lol!

{Thursday, February 27th}

I entered this giveaway saying, 'If I win it, I win it. If I don't, I don't.' And I won! I was telling my husband that I get a lot of books to encourage me on my motherhood and parenting journey or my growth in Christ, or for my own self-betterment, but I rarely, if ever, get books on marriage. This will be a treat. I'll start it when I finish one of the books I am currently reading. πŸ˜‰

No bills in this bunch of mail, just good stuff. I like mail days like that!!

I Won This Book!!

{Friday, February 28th}

MaryEllen is in Algebra 1! I wanted to see if I could still do a little Algebra. The kids find it weird that I enjoy doing math. I did pretty good. A few times I had to research a little by reading a previous lesson...I was doing MaryEllen's current lesson.

Donnie likes it when I race him with his lessons. He is in Saxon Algebra 1/2. I don't do it often, but sometimes I will to motivate him (he's my dawdler). Before, I would have to wait for him, we do one problem at a time, but now sometimes I am still doing a problem and he is waiting for me.

Can I Remember Algebra 1

{Saturday, March 1st}

What to snap today? I was cleaning the laundry had gotten out of hand. My washer and dryer were piled high with folding that needed to be done. I was having a hard time putting the ironing board back. It was time to tidy up. This is when I found a mailing box full of these...vacuum bags and belts. This is the boy scout in my husband...always being prepared. This runs into all aspects of our lives. I have a years worth of laundry detergent too. lol! It is one thing that I love about Don, but it can also drive me nuts because our living space is only 900 sq. feet. I am running out of 'hiding' places.

I don't like the bagless vacuums. I hate emptying them. It doesn't help with my allergies either. So, we searched for a vacuum that uses a bag. I am much happier. πŸ™‚

Vacuum Bags and Belts


See ya next week,