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Waterfall by Lisa T Bergren

We started a new audio book this past month. We only listen to it once a week for about 2 hours, during our drive to Grandma's place, so it will last us a while. It makes the drive go by quicker. So far, we are enjoying it. ๐Ÿ™‚

I decided to try something ย different from what we were use to. We have been doing more Christian based audios with Knights of Arrethtrae,ย The Kingdom Series, and the A.D. Chronicles. We listened to the Knights of Arrethtrae, including The Kingdom Series twice and the A.D. Chronicles had twelve books! Ten of which were in audio format. Oh, and we listened to The Berenfell Prophesies, which had a Christian twist to it also.

This story is filed under Christian fiction for teens. I think it is more for it being clean.

This one is set in Medieval Italy. The young girl, 16 if I remember correctly, is transported into the past. This is her story on trying to get back home and how she copes with being in a new time period. She is very learned, being able to speak Italian and read Latin. She also knows how to 'wield the sword' and ride bare back on a horse. ย All this helps her out in medieval Italy. We are looking forward to continuing the story. As always, one factor in choosing this audio was that it was from Oasis Audio. The reader, Pam Turlow, did a wonderful job with the voices.

The pdf file includes discussion questions that can be used after the novel has been read.

What is your current audiobook?



Curse of the Spider King

Our current audio book has been the The Berinfell Prophesies Series. We listen to this in the car as we drive to visit Grandma.

I just learned, that there are three books in this series. There are only two audio books, so I was unaware of the third book. Looks like it isn't in audio form yet, so I might have to purchase it to read aloud or the kids can continue if they like.

So, there are three books in this series...I guess it is now a trilogy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  1. Curse of the Spider King: The Berinfell Prophecies Series - Book One
  2. Venom and Song: The Berinfell Prophecies Series - Book Two
  3. The Tide of Unmaking: The Berinfell Prophecies Series - Book Three

So how do we like it?
We have been thoroughly entertained. Besides the Narnia series, we haven't listened to fantasy. So this is a nice change of pace. MaryEllen is into fantasy right now, which is one reason I chose this series.ย  The Berinfell Prophesies also got good reviews. {Wait! We also listened to the Kingdom Series, not sure if it is considered fantasy.}

We were unfamiliar with the authors, Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper, but have found them to be quite good at what they do. I plan on purchasing more from them.

As always, I am very pleased with the Oasis Audio production. I purposely choose books they record because they are excellently done.

What are they about?
A short synopsis is: Seven teenagers are about to find out that all is not as it seems. Once they turn 13, they notice weird things happening to them. They later find out that they are not human, but elves...from another world. Not only are they elves, but Elven lords. Not only are they Elven lords, but there is a prophesy that says they will save Allyra, their 'real' home. So, they are needed back home to save Allyra from the Spider King. Yes, there are giant spiders in the book. ๐Ÿ™‚

We are still listening to Book 2, so I don't know what happens. They are now in Allyra and have trained to better use their powers. They are now on their quest and are learning how to work together and how to harness their powers through their mishaps and adventures.

Venom and Song


A.D. Chronicles

We have found another gem in audio books!! We are currently listening to The A.D. Chronicles by Brock & Bodie Thoene.

I believe there are 12 books in the series, we are on number 3, The Third Watch.

We will be studying Bible History this year, beginning with the Patriarchs, so I thought an audio book that was based around that time would be great! Along with a great story, we are learning a lot about Early Jewish history.

I love how the authors weave Biblical events into their story. We witnessed Jesus feed the 5,000, heal lepers and blind men and even forgive one who was against him and wanted him dead.

We will begin our study next week, and I am hoping for a lot of "a-ha" moments. ๐Ÿ™‚

We drive an hour one way once a week to visit the kids' grandma, this is when we listen to our audio books. It has worked out wonderfully and makes the drive go fast. Sometimes, we don't want to turn it off when we get to where we are going. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here's to a good book,


The Knights of Arrethtrae by Chuck Black has been a joy to listen to as a family. It made our weekly car trips into town more enjoyable. We are sad to see it end.

We have enjoyed other readings by Oasis Audio, and this series was no different. The reader was easy on the ears and we enjoyed his accent. It was a multi-voice recording, and both he and the lady did great playing all their respective roles.

Yes, we cried a few times (at least I did), laughed a few other times and smiled a lot. It was hard not to as you watched the story play out in your imagination.

It also opened up a lot for discussion. This series not only parallels biblical characters, but it also deals with moral issues we all go through in our life time. A few from the top of my head are...drugs, their addiction and consequences; the lackadaisical attitude in today's youth groups, how they are more geared toward fun than learning and being trained in the Word of God; distractions and how they keep us from growing in Christ if we aren't careful.

Another area that I thought Chuck Black weaved in wonderfully was romance. Yes, romance. Courtship was sweet and not lustful. The knights were all gentlemen and treated the ladies as...well, ladies. I think this is great for both boys and girls who listen to these stories to hear and see in their minds how love should be played out; and how important it is to find one who shares the same beliefs.

The fighting scenes were not gruesomely told, but they kept you at the edge of your seat. The kids have taken up the yard-sticks as swords to play out a few duels of their own. lol!

The story telling was very well done that you can see every detail in your mind. Many times we have commented how Chuck's books would make great movies. When we read that a movie was in the planning stages, we got excited. We will stay updated with its progress.

We, as a family, highly recommend these books for all ages.

The kids would like to read the books now, so I think we will invest in those.

You can find the Knights of Arrethtrae at Amazon or Christianbook.

Happy Listening,

The Knights of Arethtrae
by Chuck Black

We finished up The Kingdom Series a few weeks back. It was VERY enjoyable. I hope they make it into a movie. That would be awesome.

Our next series, The Knights of Arethtrae, just arrived!!

We are all excited to get started this Friday when we travel to visit Grandma. ๐Ÿ™‚

We couldn't get the box open fast enough! lol! When it arrived, all stopped...even we opened and looked at the covers. ๐Ÿ™‚ Too much fun!

I had Donnie pose with the CD's to show how we all feel now that we can continue on with the characters.

Even Don is enjoying these. He really liked picking out the parallels to the Bible. The kids too. I have found myself using the characters as examples when I am trying to explain something to the kids about character or when those teachable moments happen to come up. I can't think of any examples right now, but when the opportunity arises, it is great to have this extra tool in my proverbial belt. ๐Ÿ™‚

Another thing we really liked was the dramatization. The voice actors did a superb job in telling the story. That is a plus for us.

Happy Listening,