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MaryEllen and Donnie are always making paper dolls of their favorite characters. I have meant time and again to share some of their creations, but just haven't got around to it.

The other day, yesterday in fact, I noticed this new one. I asked about it and was told that MaryEllen had just made it the day before. I loved the doll's accessories and decided to finally share.

I am told this is Artemis from the Young Justice series. I am not sure exactly what this series is about besides fighting bad guys.

Artemis Paper Doll

The kids draw and color the doll. After they apply packing tape and then they cut them out.

Artemis Paper Doll

The detail is what I was most impressed with and the cute accessories, the bow and arrows that fit into the quiver.

Artemis Paper Doll

They originally began creating these paper dolls when they wanted to buy the toy, but didn't have the money or didn't want to spend the money. They take a lot of time and they don't just make one, they make the whole gang.

I think they are working on the Young Justice series right now, but they have done the entire clan of How To Train Your Dragon, including the dragons, and The X-Men.




MaryEllen's Drawings

I thought I would share a little of what MaryEllen is drawing these days.

MaryEllen practically draws 24/7. I bet she even draws in her dreams. lol! She draws during story hour, she draws in the car, she draws while watching a movie (Except in the theater, although she has mentioned if she could find a way to, she would.), she draws during her free time, she draws at the coffee shop, at the doctor's office, during visits to see grandma, pretty much 24/7.

She is improving a lot on the art of drawing people. Now, I am no artist, but these are wonderful.

~You can click on these photos to make them larger.~

This first one is of Sundance, our kitty. She was drawing her while Sundance was lying on the bookshelf. My husband, Don, didn't know and went to pet Sundance which caused her to move, so MaryEllen didn't get her other paw.
Sundance - ©MaryEllen Albright

Here is Loki. I believe her favorite Marvel movies are the Thors. Loki is her favorite villain.
Loki - ©MaryEllen Albright

Loki again.
Loki - ©MaryEllen Albright

Here she made Loki as if he were a cat. I think she calls it humanizing.
Loki as a cat - ©MaryEllen Albright

Brotherly love. Loki and Thor in an embrace. They are also humanized as cats.
Thor and Loki as cats - ©MaryEllen Albright

Thor, her favorite Marvel character.
Thor - ©MaryEllen Albright

This one is of Raven from Teen Titans.
Raven from Teen Titans - ©MaryEllen Albright

Night Crawler is one of her favorite characters from The X-Men.
Night Crawler - ©MaryEllen Albright

There are her own creations of super-heroes I guess you would call them.
Her own creations - ©MaryEllen Albright

It is fun to watch her draw, the movement of her hand and arm, and seeing the shapes from an image. Pretty neato! The amazing thing is she draws these from memory, the detail and all. Granted, the characters look young, but I am sure with more practice, they will soon grow older. lol! She definitely has the determination and patience.




MaryEllen has developed an interest in the Vikings, Saxons, dragons, etc. While rediscovering these Perler Beads, she creatively constructed a fleet of viking ships. I thought it was ingenious how she designed them to stand and how she devised a way for the sail to be placed.

Viking Ships

Viking Ships

Viking Ships - Perler Beads

Viking Ships - Perler Beads

She has made two more since I took these pictures and she is still creating. I think it was her intent to make a fleet.







The other day the Dover catalog came in the mail. On the back, they had a paper doll of a cat that you can cut out. The kids decided they wanted to cut them out. We actually had another magazine from the previous week that had the same cat. So the kids cut them out.

Cat Paper Doll

Shortly after, MaryEllen decided to make their cats new clothes. I thought it was very creative of her. She drew the dresses, colored them, cut them out and then reinforced them with packing tape.

Cat Paper Dolls

Cat Paper Doll Clothes

She then decided to make her own paper doll, a horse. She also made some clothes for the horse. 🙂 I thought it was cute how she made the horse in underclothes.

Horse Paper Doll

Horse Paper Doll Clothes

Horse Paper Doll

She also made Donnie a little boy and he made it some pajamas, slippers, shoes, and an outfit. He didn't want me to share. If he decides to later, I will add them. I think they came out nice.

Do any of you remember playing with paper dolls?

I don't. I think I might have, but the memory is so vague that it might not even be a memory if that makes sense.