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Anatomy Lapbook – Skeletal System


"Of all the wonderful works of the great Architect, none bears such convincing proofs of divine wisdom and goodness as the mechanism of the human body. Every part, down to the minutest fibre or blood-vessel, bears the impress of the Creator's hand, and the marks of design and contrivance are so obvious throughout, as to lead the mind irresistibly to an all-wise, Omnipotent designer!"

Aren't those great words? I couldn't say it better. The human body is just so amazing and the more we read about it, the more amazed I become.

We are also watching these wonderful DVD's put out by Answer's In Genesis and they have been teaching us a lot. They are geared more for high school students so I think some stuff goes over the kids' heads, but other times, they recognize some things from their reading.

Anatomy Lapbook - The Skeletal System

Anatomy Lapbook - Skeletal System

Anatomy Lapbook - Skeletal SystemDownload Anatomy Lapbook - Skeletal System

Miscellaneous Links

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Pictures, Quizzes and Videoes on the Skeletal System

Interactive Bone Placing Game

Skeletal Lesson Plans

Projects and Crafts

Skeleton pattern - cut out and put together.

Pasta Skeleton

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Hands On Activities explaining certain aspects of bones

General Links

Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology text
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20 thoughts on “Anatomy Lapbook – Skeletal System

  1. April Jewell

    I love the lapbook idea and the skeletal system notes packet! Do you have your teacher curriculum that you use to give the notes and/or keys for the skeletal system notes packet and lapbook?

    1. Cynthia

      Hi April. I don't. We used the book. Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology by Apologia. The kids used the book to fill in the lapbook components.

  2. Heather


    I would like to download the skeletal system lapbook, but the link seems to be broken. Has it changed?

    Thank you for your help!


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