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About Me

Tower Garden

Hi! My name is Cynthia or Cynce. :)I am a homeschooling mom of two, MaryEllen (14) and Donnie (12). We have been homeschooling since the beginning. We thoroughly enjoy homeschooling and all that it does for our family. My husband's two days off from his job is on the week days and usually changes often. We can schedule our school days around his work schedule, which makes it easier to plan outings and time with dad! If they were in school, they would never see their dad.

Cynce's Place is a hobby of mine. I enjoy making the kids' copywork and notebooking pages to go along with their studies.We use the Robinson Curriculum as our core which we are so grateful for. It has allowed our days to run so much more smoothly. The kids know what to do each day and the planning for me is quick and simple.

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