My Babysitting Kit Printable Pack

My Babysitting Kit
How many of you remember babysitting? I was about 13 when I started babysitting.

What was your rate? I got $2 an hour, but for one who did not get allowance, I was rolling in the dough. 🙂

When I saw this My Babysitting Kit Printable Pack it reminded me of my babysitting days. This is great for the teenager who wants to babysit on the side during school or 'full' time during the summer.

There is a printable to keep the child's picture, what he/she likes (toy, book, etc.). I like the business cards. Your teenager can print them out, fill them in and have them laminated for durability, OR, they can print them out on cardstock or glossy image paper to make them more durable.

My Babysitting Kit

Andrea from Annie's Adventures in Homeschooling created this fun babysitting kit.

Andrea also includes ideas for crafts, games, songs, and much more. The babysitter in your family will appreciate this printable pack.

Visit Andrea's store for more information and to purchase.


A Couple of My Babysitting Stories

Here is a fun babysitting quip I like to tell the kids. The little girl was probably about 4 or 5 years old. One time, after her mom had just left, she tells me, 'Let's play hide-and-seek. I will hide and you never find me.' LOL! She ran off, but I did find her, I just didn't let her know I did.

Another time, I was babysitting a couple of boys and their friends about 7-8 years old; it was date night for the parents. The boys' mom let me know she baked some Christmas cookies and I could help myself. Later the boys asked if they could have cookies. I said sure. They asked how many each. I answered four. When I heard, 'FOUR COOKIES! WE CAN HAVE FOUR COOKIES!', I knew I said something wrong. I wonder what their parent's thought when the kids told them.

This same night, I don't remember how, but someone's foot must have gotten tangled in the tree light cord because the next thing I know the tree is wanting to fall. Yikes! Thankfully it wasn't too big that I was able to prevent it from doing just that.

I didn't have brothers, so how was I suppose to know they were so rambunctious. LOL!




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  1. Andrea

    Thanks so much for sharing my babysitting kit Cynthia!! I really appreciate it!! 🙂
    I have such fond memories of babysitting what I was a teen (I starting sitting at age 11) & I LOVED it!! Maybe that is why I run a home daycare today 😉

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