Anatomy Lapbook – Skeletal System

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"Of all the wonderful works of the great Architect, none bears such convincing proofs of divine wisdom and goodness as the mechanism of the human body. Every part, down to the minutest fibre or blood-vessel, bears the impress of the Creator's hand, and the marks of design and contrivance are so obvious throughout, as to lead the mind irresistibly to an all-wise, Omnipotent designer!"

Aren't those great words? I couldn't say it better. The human body is just so amazing and the more we read about it, the more amazed I become.

We are also watching these wonderful DVD's put out by Answer's In Genesis and they have been teaching us a lot. They are geared more for high school students so I think some stuff goes over the kids' heads, but other times, they recognize some things from their reading.

Anatomy Lapbook - The Skeletal System

Anatomy Lapbook - Skeletal System

Anatomy Lapbook - Skeletal System

Anatomy Lapbook - Skeletal System

Miscellaneous Links

Skeleton Labeling Worksheet

Bone Joints Worksheet

Pictures, Quizzes and Videoes on the Skeletal System

Interactive Bone Placing Game

Skeletal Lesson Plans

Projects and Crafts

Skeleton pattern - cut out and put together.

Pasta Skeleton

Poseable Skeleton

Hands On Activities explaining certain aspects of bones


Learn Human Body - Skeleton System - There are 12 videos in this series, each a little over 7 minutes. The first one has a short intro to his students. You can fast forward to 1:37 to begin his talk on bones if you wish.


General Links

Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology text
Various Anatomy Worksheets
Various Dental Illustrations
Various Anatomy Illustrations
Various Cardiology Diagrams



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18 thoughts on “Anatomy Lapbook – Skeletal System

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  3. Jackie DeGiorgis

    I want to use your skeletal system lap book in my health class - Are there any more directions that can be used for my students to follow for this great activity?

    1. Cynthia Albright

      Hi Jackie,
      I don't have any more directions. 🙂 But basically, you can have them:

      1. Fill out the individual lapbook parts. A lot of people find it easier to fill them out before they cut them out.

      2. After filling them out, cut them out and put the individual components together using glue, stapler, brads, etc.

      3. File Folder: If the skeletal lapbook is done by itself, it would be considered a mini-lapbook, so one file folder is all that is needed.
      a. Fold the front cover in half towards the center fold. Do the same with the back cover.
      b. Glue the lapbook components onto the inside of the file folder. Placement is up to the student, there is no correct order.

      4. Add a cover to the lapbook. This can be individualized.
      a. Add a title
      b. Draw a skeleton or use a picture.
      c. Add clipart of different bones.
      d. etc.

      I hope that helps some. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  4. Melissa L. Brusoe

    I downloaded the sheets, but this is my first time doing a lapbook. How do I make this into a book. Are there instructions? Any help is greatly appreciated 🙂

  5. Anita Sullivan Chamblee

    Thanks for offering the free lapbook! I'll be covering anatomy next semester with several of my children so this is a welcome addition. We will also be using Body of Evidence.....My husband actually produced that series here in our area. The young lady is a sweet friend of ours who started co-oping with our family when she was only 5. She is now a beautiful 17!

  6. Cynthia Albright

    We LOVED the Creation Museum. I am hoping we can visit again soon. It will be a year in June and we bought a year pass. But the year goes so fast and then there is time off from work...I am hoping we can make it happen.

    That is so neat that you all met Dr. Menton. The kids would love that. He has become their teacher and meeting him in person would be divine.

  7. Renee Sagal

    We are doing the same thing as you... Using the DVD's to supplement Apologia... Sometimes the videos are even over my head. He goes so fast. I just want to say WAIT! Explain that better. We did get a chance to meet Dr. Menton at the creation museum in KY and he is just as friendly and passoniate about his work in person as on the videos.

  8. Dell Fagg

    Thank you, I am not home yet, but I am back in Brisbane with family, and hope to be home in early Feb. Kindest regards


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